Auria: the creation process behind a winning casino cabinet

Developing a casino cabinet like Auria was a thorough creative process for FBM®️. In this article, we tell you all about the different stages of this product development, alongside some of the challenges faced in the competitive casino gaming industry.

At G2E Las Vegas 2023, FBM showcased Auria for the first time, and FBM’s latest casino machine had an impressive debut at the trade show. With multiple configurations and a trendy design, several steps were taken to create a disruptive model that could meet casino operators' and players’ expectations. Let’s discover how it all went down!

List of contents

1. Steps to create a Spotless Casino Machine from start to finish;

1.1. Casino Gaming Market Analysis and Benchmark

1.2. Creative process behind a Casino Cabinet like Auria

1.3. The production stage can be quite demanding

1.4. Quality Testing can measure the product’s reliability

2. Challenges faced during the development of a casino cabinet;

3. New products coming up soon.

Steps to create a spotless casino machine from start to finish

To develop a product for the casino gaming world, a lot more than just creativity needs to be taken into consideration. In fact, luck plays no part in this particular matter, as our product teams perform careful market research, taking ideas into reality with months or even years in advance.

This image displays the button panel of the Auria casino cabinet.
Arranging a casino cabinet that met clients' needs in terms of commercial offerings was key during the creation process of Auria.

Before the launch of Auria’s multiple configurations - Classica, Tri, Journey, Inversa, and Maxima -, numerous phases were taken as the anticipation of what was to come materialized into a competitive product made for real Champions. Check them out below:

1. Casino Gaming Market Analysis and Benchmark

In the casino gaming world, understanding the needs, interests, preferences and gaming habits of players in a particular region or segment is essential in the product development world. Getting insights directly from the market generated valuable inputs to create a distinctive product like Auria, fulfilling the necessities that were lacking in the current market offer, such as:

  • Customer Demographics;
  • Location and Culture;
  • Technological Preferences;
  • Gaming Habits;
  • Buying Personas;
  • Emerging Trends;
  • And so forth.

​Assessing market positioning and choosing product key features were the next steps towards the conceptualization of this product. In Auria’s case, differentiating FBM’s offer with a product that could stand out from the crowd with its adaptability and usage flexibility was imperative to explore new business opportunities in different markets.

2. Creative process behind a Casino Cabinet like Auria

The next phase usually involves the creative process, and with Auria, it was no different. After the definition of the technical specifications in terms of casino machine software and hardware, the conceptualization of the new cabinet model was conducted to craft engaging and immersive experiences for players, involving:

  • Brainstorming sessions;
  • Sketches;
  • 3D modelling;
  • Renders;
  • And so on.

Nonetheless, the creative stage is not an exclusive step reserved for technical artists. It is a full-on teamwork that involves product and industrial designers, product managers, product developers experts, and the members of the Executive Board.

This last group has a deep knowledge of the different markets of operation, and is completely engaged throughout the different stages of the cabinet creation with improvement suggestions and useful insights.

3. The production stage can be quite demanding

Once the overall concept of Auria was fully validated, a new step came in – the executive project, to prepare the cabinet’s usage on the production stage. This is usually a critical moment in any project, as it requires patience and attention to detail.

Providing an easy maintenance product like Auria, with hassle-free characteristics in terms of logistics and flexibility for operators was an upper hand. Ensuring the hardware was functional and optimized to its full potential was the next move, so the following elements were taken into consideration:

  • Size and weight;
  • Internal space;
  • Cooling;
  • Buttons and Controls;
  • Ticket printers;
  • Audio Systems;
  • Touchscreen Displays;
  • And more.
This image shows two FBM technicians performing maintenance actions in the Auria casino cabinet during a tradeshow.
FBM technicians assure high-maintenance on all casino cabinet produtos to guarantee a faults-free gaming experience to both operators and clients.

As such, every machine plate, screw and hardware piece was precisely modelled to fit what would come to be the new casino cabinet, according to the feedback received from the marketing or sales teams, casino floor promoters and clients.

Later, the project went to prototyping, and multiple visits to the manufacturing facilities held by the creative team and the Executive Board allowed FBM to follow up on product developments and guarantee a seamless execution of a faults-free cabinet.

4. Quality Testing can measure the product’s reliability

In the next stage, ensuring the product met specific durability and resistance criteria was the main goal. Therefore, Auria passed through intense processes of quality testing and quality assurance performed by laboratory experts before its official release and commercialization. Here are some examples of requirements measured during this phase:

  • Hardware Resistance;
  • Heating and Cooling conditions;
  • Ergonomic levels;
  • Maintenance Needs;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility;
  • Electrical Safety;
  • Software Stability and Performance;
  • And much more.

5. Official Launch and Commercialization

The final stage of the process involved promotional anticipation strategies and commercial initiatives, to generate buzz around the product’s official launch. Multi-channel communicational campaigns, networking and event participations were just a few examples of marketing actions promoted in Auria’s debut.

This image shows the Auria casino cabinets exhibited in the last edition of ICE London.
The Auria casino cabinet was showcased at the ICE London 2024 trade show.

Attending leading industry events such as ICE London or G2E Las Vegas is always a great opportunity to showcase the product’s best features to a privileged audience, maximizing the communicational efforts and turning them into palpable results, such as connecting with industry players, celebrating new partnership deals and forging new bonds.

Challenges faced during the development of a casino cabinet

FBM’s commitment has been to maintain a consistent visual identity across our cabinet product lines. The brand has strived to strengthen its image with formal coherence, ensuring that each new model reinforces its established design language.

Over time, the cabinets have evolved, developing a distinct identity of their own and each telling a unique story. The last three iterations, in particular, share a familial resemblance, characterized by interconnected features.

The casino gaming provider has maintained continuity in Auria’s design language while addressing certain issues inherited from the Galaxy family. For instance, the door opening mechanism was reengineered for easier maintenance and access to monitors, resulting in a nearly radical change in two modules. All hardware functionalities are now located at the bottom, while the top part houses only monitors, prioritizing ease, and practicality.

New casino products coming up soon

The development process of a casino gaming cabinet doesn't have a definitive end. It's ongoing, with regular adjustments and adaptations. For instance, integrating new payment methods and responding to evolving player preferences are perpetual tasks that ensure the products remain relevant and competitive.

Exciting novelties are coming from FBM’s side very soon, as the brand keeps working towards maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation while remaining agile in responding to market demands.

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