Great casino wins: boosting casinos with Wild game features

The slots gaming segment can be quite competitive, so standing out is key to winning in this industry. Let's explore some of FBM®’s Wild game features that can significantly enhance your casino’s gaming experience, get you more revenues and elevate customer loyalty.

Implementing a win-win strategy in your casino

Managing a casino business can be quite demanding at times - monitoring your gaming floor operations, including slot machines and other gaming activities, supervising the casino staff or establishing security measures -, are just a few of your responsibilities.

Nonetheless, if you’re trying to stay on top of casino trends and attract clients to your casino location, every bit of strategy counts and implementing a win-win mindset can be valuable. Keep reading to discover some game features that can boost your business!

What are Game Features?

Casino game features are reward and prize attribution mechanisms, present in your gaming portfolio, and that make your product offer unique. These elements play a vital role in defining the identity and overall appeal of a game, and if carefully developed can be quite memorable to land-based casino visitors.

Incorporating FBM’s Wild game features* onto any casino gaming portfolio can be a game-changer for both casino operators and players. Check them out below:

*Some of these features are used on multiple games from FBM’s slot gaming collections, and their mechanics and activation steps may vary according to different games and product lines.

1. Wild Multiplier: Level up your casino game wins

Let’s face it: players love slot games that captivate their attention. Apart from providing them with potential casino gaming wins, the Wild Multiplier feature, present in games such as Eternal Kingdom™ from FBM’s Eternal Kingdom Link™ collection, adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

This image includes a symbol of the Wild Multiplier game feature and one example of a game screen with this casino slots feature applied in the Eternal Kingdom slots game.
Wild Multiplier - A game feature ready to multiply your players' casino wins up to 30 times.

What you should know about Wild Multiplier game feature

The Wild symbol replaces all other symbols except Scatter and Eternal Kingdom Link. During Free Spins, the Wild feature can be multiplied and award prizes up to x30 the bet value.

What sets it apart is its ability to multiply wins with Scatter symbols, adding an element of unpredictability to the game. This not only enhances the thrill for players but also creates an enticing revenue-boosting opportunity for casino operators.

2. Maximizing prizes with the Expanding Wild Multiplier game feature

The Expanding Wild Multiplier feature, present in slots such as Viking Journey™ and Golden Voyage Origins, can also be very lucrative for both sides. In this scenario, the Wild symbols expand to cover an entire reel, multiplying your opportunities for winning combinations.

The image includes a symbol of the Viking Journey slots and a game screen with the Expanding Wild Multiplier game feature active.
Expanding Wild Multiplier - Take over the reel and multiply the casino wins of your players with this fantastic game feature.

The combination of Expanding Wilds and Multipliers adds a strategic dimension to the game. While it generates player’s desire to play for longer to pursue bigger wins, for casino operators it translates to better player engagement and possibly prolonged gaming sessions.

3. Stacked Wild: Winning slot game feature

Another strategic move to give your gaming portfolio a spin is incorporating Stacked Wild. This feature, present in slots such as Viva Mexico™ from FBM’s Easy$Link™ collection, takes the player’s gameplay to a whole new level.

The image includes a game symbol of the slots title Viva Mexico and a game screen of the game with the Stacked Wild game feature active.
Stacked Wild - Increase the casino wins of your players with the wilds symbols in this exciting game feature.

What you should know about the Stacked Wild game feature

What you need to learn is that during Free Spins, Stacked Wilds maintain their Wild nature, contributing to potentially massive wins.

In this casino gaming prize scenario, Wilds substitute all symbols except Wild, Scatter and Easy$Link and can take over and award big wins to your casino audience during Free Spins.

4. Wild Boom: get your casino ready for explosive profits

In slot games, the excitement of not knowing what is coming up next is one reason why this casino game category is so popular. The explosive nature of the Wild Boom! feature, present in games like Fight the Fire™ from the FBM Spin & Win™ gaming collection, adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the game, keeping players hooked for longer.

This image contains the wild symbol of the Wild Boom! game feature and the game screen of the Fight the Fire game with the Wild Boom! game feature active simulating a big casino win.
Wild Boom! - The contagious power of the Wild Boom! game feature leads players to memorable casino wins.

What you should know about Wild Boom! game feature

During Free Spins, Wild Boom! maintains its explosive charm and contaminates its rewarding burst onto all other symbols, ensuring an immersive gaming experience, as it captures players' attention and boosts casino operator’s income.

5. Triple Wild: triple the slot wins in your casino

Players like to see prizes going up, so betting on a game offer that allows them to feel even more excitement may be a great option to consider. You can discover the Triple Wild feature in games such as Lucky Guī™ from FBM’s Jin Qián Link™ collection.

This image has the turtle symbol of the Lucky Gui slots game and a game screen of this slots title with the Triple Wild game feature active simulating a big casino win.
Triple Wild - Triple the fun and take the casino wins of your players to a new level with this involving game feature.

What you should know about Triple Wild game feature

Triple Wild introduces a disruptive twist to the game and it can appear up to three times in a single round. During Free Spins, it randomly fills in an entire reel with its winning power and replaces all symbols apart from Scatter and Link.

6. Wild Storm: striking slot gaming wins

No player enjoys boring gaming sessions without some kind of animation or entertainment going on and the Wild Storm feature, present in Wu Lóng Empire™ from FBM’s Reel Strike™ collection, is a light-stroking example of that.

This image presents the Wild symbol of the Wu Long Empire slots game on the left and a game screen on the right with the Wild Storm game feature active and simulating a big casino win.
Wild Storm - This game feature provides a storm of prizes to your players, making them achieve unforgettable casino wins.

What you should know about Wild Storm game feature

This special feature injects wilds throughout the game area during Free Spins, which can vary with number and position among rounds. It is activated with the help of its brave characters’ strikes, replacing all symbols apart from Scatter and Bonus.

Always remember: when selecting your casino product offer, make sure you opt for game features that break the cycle and offer more fun to your audience.

Start elevating your casino portfolio wins today

Managing a land-based casino operation may be challenging, but an appealing gaming portfolio that can meet your client’s expectations and still be profitable to your company is the way to go. Don’t forget to plan and stay ahead of the competition to grab those big wins!

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