Jin Qián Link™: the slots game of Asian inspiration that has players on the edge of their seats

In the dynamic realm of casino gaming, where every spin holds the promise of fortune and excitement, the creation of captivating games is always a challenge. In this article, we'll delve into FBM®️’s recent Jin Qián Link™ slots game launch and how it is winning over casino players across Mexico.


If you really think about it… what is it about casino games that keeps players coming back for more? You might be thinking about game rewards, interesting features, or even a memorable ambiance. And our guess is… you’re not that far from the truth. 

Reality is merging cultural connection, mysticism, and the allure of winning in one single product offer is no easy task. Despite the challenge, Jin Qián Link has conquered Mexican players throughout the country. Let’s discover what’s so unique about it below.

All about the Jin Qián Link slots game

FBM’s newest bet on the slots game segment is inspired by Asian roots where rewarding pagodas, magical creatures, and stunning graphics merge into one winning game offer.

Divided into four slots - Eternal Niǎo Wang™, Golden Lóng™, Great Weiyan™, and Lucky Guī™ - each game offers a distinctive gaming experience with four mystical worlds ready to be discovered.

How to access the jackpot

This multi-game pack includes Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots that can be conquered inside the Jin Qián Link bonus. In this product, players can access the bonus mode by incrementing the pagoda.

  • The prize is attributed when all the positions in the five reels are covered in this game mode;
  • On these occasions, players get double the value of the prizes collected.

Features on the Game-Pack

Luck Has Arrived is the common feature of this pack that also includes Triple Wild as the game feature for Golden Lóng and Lucky Guī, and Wild Multiplier as the game feature for Great Weiyan and Eternal Niǎo Wang.

What’s to like about Jin Qián Link?

Casino gaming is a lot more than just spinning reels - it's about creating an experience that transports players to new worlds while keeping them on the edge of their seats. Here are some Mexican fans’ favorite characteristics we’ve gathered about Jin Qián Link:

Rewards and Strategy

Player feedback has highlighted two standout aspects of Jin Qián Link that contribute to its popularity. On one hand, players have expressed their satisfaction with the game's generous payouts, indicating that the rewards are not just enticing promises, but tangible results that add to the excitement.

On the other hand, the strategic depth that the game offers in terms of betting decisions has been a source of enthusiasm among players. The intricate game mathematics and mechanics engage players' strategic thinking, allowing them to make calculated choices that can influence their outcomes.

Immersive Worlds that Boost Imagination

With four mystical slots featuring creatures from Asian folklore and a touch of golden wealth, players shared their fondness for the universe of the game, where dragons, phoenixes, tigers, and turtles come to life. The game's graphics and immersive soundscape continue to draw players into an enchanting journey that captivates the senses.

Connection with the Game Theme

In the world of gaming, personalization is key. In Jin Qián Link we have tried to tailor a product to a specific cultural identity, in order to meet the market’s interests.

With a clear homage to Asian culture, fortune, magic, and nature, this game resonates deeply with players who are drawn to these themes. FBM's careful attention to detail in designing this game showcases the importance of understanding one's target audience and delivering a product that speaks to their desires and aspirations.

Quality and excellence

In the world of gaming, trust and customer service are paramount. FBM has carved a niche for itself with its commitment to delivering not only exceptional gaming experiences but also building trustful relationships with its audience.

With a legacy dating back to 2001, FBM has become a beacon of excellence in the gaming industry and players have recognized it. The brand’s dedication to innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer service ensures that players engaging with Jin Qián Link are embarking on a journey with a brand they can rely on.

Grab the fortune before it escapes!

For those seeking an adventure that fuses fortune, magic, and cultural richness, Jin Qián Link is a game that promises not only entertainment but the potential for life-changing wins – both for players of casino operators!

This slots game is already installed in over 50 casinos across Mexico and it will continue its wave of expansion. Here's a list of casinos where you can play Jin Qián Link.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your casino business to a whole new level with FBM. Contact us now to learn more about our gaming portfolio.

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