FBM® reveals the Champion’s Auria™ at G2E Las Vegas

The G2E Las Vegas is the stage chosen by FBM® to debut Auria™. This new cabinet brings additional possibilities for the brand’s land-based operation across different continents by presenting five different configurations – Auria Classica, Auria Tri, Auria Journey, Auria Inversa, and Auria Maxima. Lower maintenance and more pleasant gaming experiences. This is what the Golden Auria promises to casino operators and players from different markets.

FBM cabinet portfolio has a new gleam. Auria joins the FBM selection as a disruptive model that can assume five different shapes, ensuring a fantastic performance through its top-notch technologies. The modular structure of Auria expands FBM’s possibilities to answer casino operators' demands and facilitates the maintenance operation of the machines.

For Renato Almeida, Director at FBM, “Auria is a fantastic addition to FBM’s cabinet selection. The beautiful aesthetics of this model, combined with its modularity and fantastic performance, allow FBM to have the perfect product to answer different casino floor displays. We strongly believe that Auria will be a synonym of higher profitability and player engagement for casino operators and memorable gaming sessions for FBM players”, mentions Renato Almeida.

The details about the five shapes of Auria

From Classica to Maxima, Auria has five different shapes with different configurations. Auria Classica has a display with two screens of 23.8 inches plus a top screen of 23.8 inches, while Auria Tri presents three screens of 27 inches. Auria Journey uses a J screen of 49 inches plus a top screen of 27 inches, and Auria Inversa has the same configuration with the inverted position of the J screen, as the name suggests. Auria Maxima uses a flat screen of 49 inches plus a top screen of 27 inches.

All these configurations share a list of specs: revolutionary AMD Ryzen™️ embedded v1000, Processors Quad 64-Bit Zen cores, Integrated AMD Radeon™️ Vega graphics, High quality 5.1 sound system, Built-in external USB charging port and Built-in Wireless charging.

Auria’s benefits to any casino operation

Besides its captivating aesthetic supported by good technologies, the additional value this cabinet brings for casino operators can be summarized in six benefits:

  • Adaptable – the five possible cabinet configurations allow casino managers to have several solutions for different contexts.

  • Practical – the hardware concentration on the lower part of the cabinet facilitates the technician’s maintenance operations in the field.

  • Ergonomic – this cabinet follows the recommendations of the best studies and practices in terms of ergonomics, having its elements adjusted to provide pleasant gaming experiences.

  • Customizable – the modularity of Auria allows casino managers to change parts of the cabinet without changing its core.

  • Innovative Beauty - Auria is a shining model, bringing a breeze of innovation and magnificence to any casino.

  • Efficient – the flexible structure of Auria saves costs if casino operators need to apply any changes to their casino floor display.

Auria’s launch is one of the highlights prepared by FBM to take the spotlight on this G2E Las Vegas 2023 edition. The debut of this new cabinet is connected to the launch of Reel Strike – a new slots product composed of the Noelani Fortress™ and Wu Lóng Empire™ titles, which brings new thrills to the slots fans with captivating game mechanics and graphics.

G2E Las Vegas is the perfect stage to enjoy great games in Auria

After turning on the lights in last year’s edition, the FBM Group prepared a seductive and welcoming booth where light takes a predominant role and favours smooth and pleasant gaming experiences for each visitor. Stop by Booth 2848 to network with the FBM team and prepare to enjoy great casino games in the Champion’s Auria.


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