Responsible Gaming

FBM® is committed to promoting Responsible Gaming as a Global Gaming Brand in the casino industry, with a diverse team of employees dedicated to creating the best games and platforms. We prioritize delivering an optimized and entertaining experience that adheres to safety, security, and fairness guidelines.

Play responsibly and enjoy the experience! Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy relationship with gaming and seek assistance if your behaviour becomes compulsive or negatively impacts your life:

  • Remember that gaming is for fun and entertainment. If it starts to feel like a physical or mental obligation, or if the frequency becomes uncontrolled, take a self-assessment test and reach out to organizations and associations that specialize in problem gambling.
  • Set a clear budget before you begin your gaming experience. Avoid playing with borrowed money, selling possessions to fund your gambling, or trying to recover your losses. Know your limits and stop when you reach them.
  • Maintain awareness while playing. Refrain from using substances that may impair your judgment or alter your behavior.
  • Balance gaming with other activities: Ensure that you maintain a healthy balance between gambling and other recreational activities or hobbies.
  • Set time limits: Establish a specific amount of time for your gaming sessions and adhere to it. Time limits can help prevent excessive gambling and ensure that you maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • Self-exclusion programs: Be aware of self-exclusion options offered by casinos and gaming establishments. These programs allow you to voluntarily exclude yourself from gambling activities for a specified period or indefinitely. If you feel you're losing control over your gambling behavior, consider using self-exclusion as a proactive measure to protect yourself and regain control.
  • Don't hesitate to seek help: If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, remember that help is available. Reach out to professional counselors, therapists, or support groups specializing in gambling addiction. It's important to recognize when assistance is needed and to take action promptly.

Enjoy our games with responsibility!

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