Jin Qián Link expands to over 40 casino rooms across Mexico making slot fans go wild

Jin Qián Link, the slots gaming collection by FBM®️ that debuted last year across Mexico, registered remarkable expansion across the country entering over 40 new gaming rooms in the 1st trimester of 2024 only. Discover what makes it a fans’ favorite!

Jin Qián Link's expansion across Mexico has been met with great enthusiasm, owing to its captivating game ambience, top-notch animations, and faultless gaming experience. Its promise of substantial profitability for players and casino operators has cemented its status as a valuable add-on to the Mexican gaming world.

Golden casino gaming wealth keeps spreading its wings across Mexico

Operating in over 20 Mexican cities so far, this FBM’s slots gaming offer also available under the trademark Jí Hǎo Link™ keeps proving to be a sure bet for the brand’s roadmap for the year, as the game keeps winning casino players over with its overall appeal and rewarding gameplay.

From 2024 onwards, Jin Qián Link has made its mark in over 40 casino rooms across the country, being present in places such as Mexico City, Nuevo León or Quintana Roo where it has gained a strong foothold.

Two FBM clients playing Jin Qián Link in a mexican casino room.
Two FBM players enjoy a Jin Qián Link gaming session in a Mexican casino.

Being a slots game product with four games of Asian inspiration - Eternal Niǎo Wang™, Golden Lóng™, Great Weiyan™, and Lucky Guī™ -, Jin Qián Link captivated casino fans with its immersive gameplay experience, drawing inspiration from Asian culture and mythology.

Apart from the unmatched gaming atmosphere the casino gaming provider recreated, for this product, the multiple jackpots and ways to win prizes made it a fans' favorite. Feel free to explore the world of Jin Qián Link and its game mechanics here.

The Mexican casino universe is alive and strong

Mexico is known for its vibrant casino locations, offering diverse gaming solutions for all types of player profiles. With a passionate and diverse player base, coupled with a thriving tourism industry, there's something for everyone in Mexico's casinos.

Not only is it the perfect hub to showcase the best of casino gaming innovation for casino gaming suppliers, but it also offers a wide range of game categories for all kinds of players, from slot games to video bingo, table games and much more.

FBM's Customer Support has been key for a winning expansion

With a team of skilled professionals, FBM ensures that casino operators receive the assistance they need to seamlessly integrate Jin Qián Link into their establishments, making it one of the reasons for Jin Qián Link’s success.

An FBM representative checks the last details about the Ji Hao Link slots product at a casino tradeshow.
An FBM representative checks the last details about the Ji Hao Link slots product at a casino tradeshow.

With a hands-on technical support and relentless marketing assistance, FBM's customer support services are performed to meet the needs of each client, further solidifying the company's reputation as a trusted partner in the gaming industry.

As Jin Qián Link continues to captivate audiences across Mexico and beyond, FBM is preparing new product launches, continuing the work of shaping the future of land-based casino gaming one step at a time.

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