An overview of FBM’s festive campaigns at Big Bola Puebla and Córdoba Mexico

The Christmas spirit was through the roof last month at Big Bola Puebla and Big Bola Córdoba, Mexico. From December 13th to 15th, FBM® held a “Multiplicador” campaign that captivated Mexican players in these two casino facilities. Discover the results in this article.

All about the Multiplicador Campaign at Big Bola Casinos in Mexico

To celebrate Christmas to its maximum potential, FBM handled two festive campaigns at Big Bola Casinos, giving away prizes to casino players and endless entertainment.

These promotional actions were allowed to enhance the players’ engagement in FBM’s casino cabinets, and below we will have the opportunity to oversee its main results.

Meet the mechanics of the Multiplicador campaign

Last month was one to remember for Big Bola Puebla and Córdoba’s visitors. The “Multiplicador” marketing campaign, organized by FBM, ran from December 13th, 14th and 15th at these two locations, giving away extraordinary opportunities to the first ten players joining the promo every day.

The players who invested $500.00 to play FBM’s games on the brand’s cabinets and got awarded 500 extra pesos to enjoy their gaming sessions. This campaign involved the brand’s world leader video bingo games, allowing players to live the thrills of the campaign in great FBM bingo hits such as Rubingo, Chichén Itzá, Bingo Pilipino, Multi Mega or Multi Plus.

Promotional work resulted in active player retention

The communicational work behind the campaign included the creation of promotional videos for each Big Bola casino location, guaranteeing we reached our target audiences with content relevant that met their interests.

These promotional efforts resulted in positive results for Big Bola Casinos when comparing the values of key performance indicators such as Coin-In, Games played and Net Coin in the pre-promotion and during promotion periods.

In Big Bola Puebla, for example, FBM saw the Coin-In growing almost 80%, while the number of games played increased by 40%. In Big Bola Córdoba, the Coin-In grew by over 30%, while the Net Coin increased by over 300%.

In the end, not only did the Multiplicador campaign reward thousands of prizes to Mexican casino players, especially useful during the Christmas season, but it also boosted the casino operators’ revenue and player retention, as most of them came back to play FBM’s casino games in the different phases.

Once again, FBM proves that it is an experienced agent in the casino industry that not only can provide thrilling gaming experiences with its engaging games and ergonomic cabinets to casino enthusiasts around the world, but it can also create dynamic campaigns having its clients’ interests and goals in mind.

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