Scratch and become one of FBM®’s Lucky Champions

The FBM® scratch card campaigns are back and will transform players into Lucky Champions throughout April! The FBM Lucky Champion promotion has been active since April 1st and will last until April 26th, promising weeks full of exciting prizes in over 80 bingo halls in the Philippines. Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to scratch and win big with FBM. Check all the details about the campaign below.

After the successful Scratch N’ Boom campaign last year, the profitable FBM scratch cards are back at the bingo halls to bring entertaining gaming sessions and memorable prizes to Filipino bingo players.

FBM’s Lucky Champion rewarding scratch cards can be distributed on a chosen day of the week between Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays, during a lucky hour between 7:00 and 8:00 pm.


The new scratch card game will run at the participating bingo hall sites. Here’s how to join:

  1. FBM Ambassadors or Cashiers will designate 25 FBM machines as Lucky Seats. If these machines are occupied, eligible players will receive one scratch card.
  2. FBM Players must have an active green meter to obtain a scratch card.
  3. Any bet, with a minimum of 4 cards or more, will make players eligible to receive a scratch card.
  4. FBM representatives will visit the venue during the designated time and distribute scratch cards to all players playing on FBM machines.
  5. Only one scratch card will be given to each player, operating on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. All scratch cards are free, and winning scratch cards shall be verified by the FBM representatives.
  7. All cash prizes must be claimed at the Bingo Hall cashier and/or ask for assistance from FBM representatives.
  8. Players who, for any reason, don’t want to join the promotion can’t give their scratch cards to other players in the room.
This image shows one of the FBM Lucky Champion Scratch Cards with some golden coins.
FBM Lucky Champion will spread Scratch Cards with big prizes in over 80 bingo halls in the Philippines.

FBM’s Lucky Champion scratch cards will be delivered exclusively to players who meet the requirements. Players will get a prize every time they match “Your Numbers” with the “Winning Numbers”, and there are chances to win four exciting cash prizes:

  • P1000 (when players match 5 numbers in the 2 columns)
  • P500 (when players match 4 numbers in the 2 columns)
  • P300 (when players match 3 numbers in the 2 columns)
  • P150 (when players match 2 numbers in the 2 columns)

If you have any doubts regarding the FBM Lucky Champion promotion, please contact [email protected] or +63 0919 082 3662.

Have fun and enjoy the big prizes that FBM has for you!

Keep it fun | Game Responsibly | Gaming is allowed for 21-year-olds and above only.

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