The Ultimate Casino Gaming Cabinet: Auria®️ by FBM®️

Ever wondered why Auria®️, FBM®️’s latest addition to its portfolio of casino machines, is a must-have option for casino operators? This casino cabinet not only enhances the gaming experience but also promises to be a game-changer in the land-based gaming universe. Let’s dive into what makes Auria a standout product.

Shining bright in the universe of land-based casino gaming requires more than just flashy lights and attractive games. It demands innovative designs, reliable technology, and an in-depth understanding of what both casino operators and players seek. Keep reading to learn how Auria can upgrade your business!

Meet Auria's Ground-Breaking Features

FBM has a reputation as a leading casino gaming provider, known for pushing the boundaries of technology and design in segments such as video bingo or slots. In the casino machines sector, Auria is no exception.

The product debuted at the G2E Las Vegas last edition, captivating audiences with its innovative features and stylish design. Auria presents multiple configuration options, with the Tri, Journey, Inversa, and Maxima models taking the spotlight to cater to various gaming environments and preferences.

Ideal Casino Machine for Land-Based Slots Games

Auria's versatility and compatibility with a wide range of gaming options are evident. The flexibility offered by the four configurations explored above allows casino operators to diversify their gaming floors and attract a broader audience.

The cabinet’s advanced AMD Ryzen™ embedded v1000 processors and integrated AMD Radeon™ Vega graphics ensure smooth performance and stunning visuals, enhancing the gaming experience.

This image shows different configurations of FBM's Auria Casino Cabinet being exhibited at ICE London 2024.
Auria debuted in the last edition of G2E Las Vegas and integrated the FBM exhibition at ICE London 2024.

Adaptable, Practical, Efficient

Auria is designed with adaptability in mind. Its multiple configurations allow casino managers to customize their gaming floors to meet specific needs. Whether the 3 screens of 27 inches of Tri or the impressive 49-inch J screen of the Journey, Auria offers flexibility that few other cabinets can match.

Efficiency is another key benefit of the Auria casino cabinet. Its modular structure allows for quick adjustments and part replacements without disrupting the core functionality. This efficiency not only reduces operational costs but also ensures that the gaming floor remains dynamic and engaging for players.

Practical Design for Easy Maintenance

One of the key features of Auria is its practical design. All hardware components are located in the lower part of the cabinet, making maintenance operations straightforward and less time-consuming for technicians. This means less downtime and more gaming time, translating to higher revenues for casino operators.

Customization is another strong suit of the Auria cabinet. The modularity of its design allows casino operators to change specific parts without altering the entire cabinet. This feature not only extends the life of the machine but also enables operators to tailor their gaming offers to match evolving market trends and player preferences.

This image shows some visitors of the FBM booth at ICE London analyzing casino games performing in the Auria casino cabinet.
FBM visitors at ICE London 2024 enjoyed pleasant gaming experiences in the different configurations of the Auria casino cabinet.

Innovative and Ergonomic

Auria's modern and elegant appearance brings a fresh aesthetic to any casino floor. The sleek lines and sophisticated finish make it a visually appealing addition that can attract players' attention and keep them engaged.

Nonetheless, comfort is crucial in the gaming industry, and Auria excels in this area. The cabinet’s design follows the best ergonomic practices, ensuring that all elements are positioned to provide a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. From the height of the screens to the placement of the controls, every detail is designed with the player’s comfort in mind.

Always have this in mind

Auria by FBM is a strategic asset for any casino gaming operator looking to enhance their gaming floors. With its adaptability, practicality, efficiency, innovative design, ergonomic features, and customizability, Auria sets a new standard in the casino gaming industry.

Contact our team today to learn how the Auria casino gaming cabinet can transform your gaming floor. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your casino gaming offer with FBM.

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