FBM®️ Progressive Series: the Ultimate Video Bingo Experience

Whether you are an experienced casino player or new to video bingo, the Progressive Series offers a rewarding experience for everyone. In this article, we will explore why land-based casinos are so inviting to those who visit them and how can the Progressive Series collection by FBM help casino operators retain more clients.

Land-Based Casinos: Why is this experience so appealing?

Let’s face it: no feeling compares to the excitement of entering a casino room full of engaging games, people having fun and the possibility of getting that a good prize.

Indeed, physical casinos provide a sensory-rich environment that online platforms cannot replicate. The dazzling lights, the sounds of slot machines, the cheers from winning tables, and the overall atmosphere of anticipation create an immersive experience.

Casino Machines by FBM casino gaming brand at an international casino tradeshow.
Casino machines are key when it comes to the overall appeal of a casino room.

Players are drawn to the physical presence of the casino, where they can interact with other players and feel the enthusiasm in the air. This social aspect is a significant draw, as it offers a community experience that is both entertaining and thrilling.

Nonetheless, having a memorable bingo gaming portfolio is an important factor when it comes to captivating players and making them come back for more. Let’s dive into the Progressive Series collection to see what makes it special!

Progressive Series: A Wide-Range of Game Themes

Among the many offerings present in land-based casinos, video bingo has emerged as a popular segment. This blend of traditional bingo and modern technology creates an exciting and interactive gaming environment that appeals to a broader audience.

FBM’s Progressive Series casino gaming offer has a rich variety of game themes, each designed to provide a unique and immersive experience. Check out the games featured on this collection below:

Magic Champion™️: Players enter a realm where magic and fortune blend seamlessly.
● MultiPlus™️: A multi-level excitement with bonus opportunities.
MultiMega™️: Casino fans can embrace high-stakes action and collect big wins.
Golden Ball™️: Players can experience the thrill of luck and wealth in every draw.
Viva Mexico™️: A vibrant culture with big wins and a festive atmosphere.
Rock Star Bingo™️: Scoring huge prizes in this musical adventure has never been easier.
30 Mania!™️: Fast-paced thrills await the adrenaline enthusiasts.
Catch the Gold™️: Players can chase after golden fortunes and watch their wins grow.
Rubingo™️: Casino fans can step into a world of luxury where jewels and jackpots await.
● Bingo-Go™️: Players will embark on a dynamic ride full of adrenaline.
Cash O’clock™️: It is always time to win big in this classic game.

These themes range from luck and fortune to wealth, luxury, and rainbows, all designed to evoke fun, excitement, and the promise of an entertainment experience to remember. Moreover, one of the standout attributes of the Progressive Series is the Multipots™️ feature. Here is all you need to know about what makes it special:

About the Multipots™️ Feature

In the Multipots™️ bonus mode, players' picks determine their outcomes, adding an extra layer of excitement. The games of this collection have two bonus levels for players to explore.

Multipots video bingo game bonus feature showing different jackpot levels and winnings.
Bonus modes in video bingo games are relevant in retaining casino players, so make sure you bet on a strong casino gaming offer that can meet your revenue expectations.

In the first level, players have 10 picks to select symbols and each pick can give a prize or reveal Multipots™️ symbols. By collecting 3 Multipots™️ symbols, players can advance to the second level.

Here, players are guaranteed the prizes accumulated in the first level, and they continue picking Multipots™️ symbols until they reveal one of three jackpots: Minor, Major, or Grand. The chance to hit the Grand Jackpot makes this feature particularly thrilling.

Other Exciting Features in the Progressive Series video bingo line

Beyond the Multipots™️ feature, FBM’s video bingo Progressive Series offers additional perks to enhance your players’ gameplays. These features ensure that each game in the Progressive Series is packed with surprises and opportunities for big wins. Check them out below:

Magic Ball: Offers a chance to choose any number and increase the winning potential.
Extra Ball: Provides more chances to complete a winning pattern.
Pig Boom!™️: A Gold, Silver or Bronze reward with a FBM mascot.
Mr. Champion: A big win with FBM’s most popular mascot.

Compatibility and Versatility

Within the diverse offerings of land-based casinos, video bingo has carved out a niche that combines the nostalgia of traditional bingo with the excitement of electronic gaming.

The Progressive Series is compatible with several cabinet models, including Phantom II, Galaxy and Galaxy II. This ensures a high-quality gaming experience across various platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of players.    

Casino machines with video bingo games running.

The Phantom ll and Galaxy casino cabinet lines are some of FBM’s most popular products.

Video bingo games are designed to be accessible and easy to play, making them appealing to both novice players and seasoned gamblers. The blend of strategy and luck keeps players engaged, while the potential for big wins adds to the excitement.

Expanding Horizons: Multi-Game Bundles

FBM continually evolves its product line to offer multi-game bundles, providing players with even more variety and excitement. This evolution reflects FBM's commitment to enhancing the gaming experience.

The Progressive Series video bingos are available to play in several countries, including the Philippines, Mexico, and Spain. This global reach allows players from different regions to enjoy the thrilling experience of the Progressive Series.

A casino cabinet displaying a big win obtained in FBM Progressive Series video bingos.
Progressive Series games offer players a memorable entertainment session and bingo hall managers a reliable, profitable and high-quality product.

The Progressive Series by FBM is a comprehensive video bingo product line that combines diverse themes, innovative features, and dynamic gameplay. Whether you are drawn to the magic of Magic Champion or the festive excitement of Viva Mexico, there is something for everyone in the Progressive Series.

Explore these games today and discover the excitement that awaits. Contact us to learn we can boost your business’ revenue and start winning today!

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