Eternal Kingdom Link: 6 thrilling FBM® slots bring adrenaline to casino operators

Strong storylines materialized in appealing gameplays with attractive payouts. That is the successful recipe behind the Eternal Kingdom Link™ creation. This slots collection crafted by FBM® can add value to any casino operator with an expedition split into six-game themes.

In this article, we will delve into the entertaining universe of Eternal Kingdom Link and understand why these six slot games - Eternal Kingdom™, Nature's Paradise™, Golden Voyage™, Eternal Kingdom Origins™, Ancient Tropics™ and Golden Voyage Origins™ - are getting such a high player engagement in markets like Mexico, USA or Philippines.

The suite of six games offered by the Eternal Kingdom Link pack (also available under the trademark Mythic Link) has the power to transform the casino operators' offer by bringing exceptional entertainment and multiple jackpot opportunities. This product validates FBM's legacy of creating high-quality casino gaming solutions that bring profitability to casino managers and memorable entertainment sessions for their players.

This image shows six FBM casino cabinets running the six slots games of the Eternal Kingdom Link collection.
Players can enjoy the Eternal Kingdom six slots games in Shadow III, Galaxy II and Auria casino cabinets.

Six graphic universes to explore in impacting casino slots

The adventure factor is a distinctive mark of the Eternal Kingdom Link pack, which converges six products with graphic and sound richness designed to hold slot fans' interest and encourage repeat visits. The game theme variety contained in this product line touches different player profiles and preferences, resonating well within multiple cultural contexts.

Ancient Tropics proposes a visit to ruins hiding wonderous treasures, while the Golden Voyage protagonist takes players on a discovery journey to find fortune in uncharted lands. The explorer of Nature’s Paradise leads a tour in the jungle to find great prizes among a paradisiac habitat full of animals, and the tribe leader of Eternal Kingdom trusts in his lucky amulets to decipher all the big wins enigmas.

The Golden Voyage Origins and Eternal Kingdom Origins were the last two casino slots added to this product line, bringing new emotions to it. The pilot of Golden Voyage Origins challenges customers for a wealthy flying journey with fantastic rewards to collect under the clouds, while the tribe leader of Eternal Kingdom Origins and her dragon mascot show the path to exciting prizes in a universe full of mystery and mythical creatures.

The features behind Eternal Kingdom Link slots’ high player engagement

The captivating aesthetic of the Eternal Kingdom Link innovative slots is amplified by the 50 lines of prizes and an attractive feature set, which combines the common Link bonus and Luck Has Arrived resource with six powerful game features.

The feature selection transforms this casino slot product into a reference among the FBM casino gaming solutions by offering casino operators varied gaming experiences capable of providing their players with entertaining and lucrative gaming sessions.

This image shows two game characters from the Eternal Kingdom pack on the side of a casino cabinet running the Eternal Kingdom Link common bonus that ensures a high player engagement among the slots fans.
The Eternal Kingdom Link bonus allows players to conquer one of the four jackpots being one of the features ensuring a high player engagement in this slots product.

Spin for the coins and get your hands in a jackpot in bonus mode

We kick off this exploring journey through the Eternal Kingdom Link features with the bonus mode. The Eternal Kingdom Link bonus is the most desired game mode of this collection since it allows players to conquer one of the product’s four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. To access the bonus mode, players must collect at least six link symbols.

Then, players get three free spins to play in the bonus mode. Each time a Link, Mini, Minor or Major jackpot coin appears on the reels during a game round the free spins counter gets back to three. To win the Grand jackpot, customers must cover all 15-reel positions with coins.

Mini and Minor are jackpots with fixed values that vary only with the bet level selected, while the Major and Grand jackpots have an incremental logic increasing their value in each play.

This image shows a FBM casino cabinet with the Luck Has Arrived common feature active and then the Eternal Kingdom Link logo above the feature logo.
Luck Has Arrived is a common feature of the Eternal Kingdom Link product and anticipates a winning moment for the slots players.

Luck Has Arrived and it brings a great prize

We leave the common bonus and delve into another shared resource of the six casino slots of Eternal Kingdom Link. Luck Has Arrived is part of the innovative features pack of this product line, and, when its animation pops up on the screen, players know that they are about to get one of three good surprises. This feature can bring direct access to free spins, bonus mode or a big win.

Multiply and expand prizes with super slots features

The Eternal Kingdom Link game features happen in free spins mode and provide casino operators with various resources to delight their players and offer entertaining and engaging gaming experiences. Let’s see what each game theme has reserved for casino players in free spins mode:

1. Ancient Tropics: Super Reels, super wins

The Super Reels feature makes wild symbols occupy all positions of reels 1 and 5, increasing the chances of getting a prize line.

2. Golden Voyage: Best Symbols generate bigger treasures

The Best Symbols feature replaces the symbols with less value with the high-value symbols leading to higher payouts.

3. Nature’s Paradise: Sticky Wild holds the big win tide

In the Sticky Wild feature, all the wild symbols collected during free spins rounds maintain their positions in the reels allowing players to conquer greater rewards.

This image shows the logos of the six slots game themes composing Eternal Kingdom Link with a smaller logo next to them with their game feature.
The six game features involved in the Eternal Kingdom Link slots pack guarantee that players enjoy pleasant and rewarding gaming sessions.

4. Eternal Kingdom: Wild Multiplier makes the prizes go higher

The Wild Multiplier feature multiplies the game rounds gain up to 30 times with the effect of wild symbols with an X2, X3 or X5 factor.

5. Golden Voyage Origins: Expanding Wild expands profits

The Expanding Wild feature takes wins to the next level by making wild symbols occupy the all-reel positions in reels 2,3 and 4, increasing the winning opportunities.

6. Eternal Kingdom Origins: Wild Boom! unleashes contagious wins

In the Wild Boom! feature wild symbols transform the symbols around it generating a contagious blast with fantastic prizes.

The synergy of the Eternal Kingdom Link bonus (and its four jackpots) with Luck Has Arrived and the six-game features of this pack result in higher player engagement and increase players' loyalty to casino operators.

A slots suite ready to perform in various casino operators’ layouts

Built with top-notch technologies, Eternal Kingdom Link presents a high performance in different markets of operation. The techniques, frameworks and technologies used in the game development process, guarantee that the compelling aesthetic of these slots’ games matches with a fantastic performance.

Ready to run in the Shadow III, Galaxy II or Auria™ casino cabinets, these casino gaming solutions crafted by FBM are flexible and can run into multiple layouts of casino operators, facilitating the gaming floor management. Besides the product flexibility and ease of integration, the outstanding technical support and customer service of the FBM accompany every installation, making the operation smoother.

This image shows someone playing one of the Eternal Kingdom Link slots games during an international tradeshow.
Eternal Kingdom Link is part of the FBM slots portfolio selected to impress casino players and operators in the international tradeshows.

Boost your casino gaming offer with Eternal Kingdom Link

Eternal Kingdom Link is a casino gaming solution that presents the ideal formula for casino operators and players. The impacting storylines of this casino slots collection with powerful characters merge with involving features, raising player engagement and loyalty levels through significant payouts.

The vanguardist technologies used to conceive these slot games, allied to their flexibility of use in different casino cabinets, resulting in improved operational efficiency for casino managers and more thrilling experiences for players.

This combination of factors makes Eternal Kingdom Link a collection of tempting casino slots for operators in different markets, ensuring entertaining and rewarding gaming sessions for players and increased foot traffic and revenue streams for casino operators.

Contact us today and learn how FBM can transform and boost your casino operation with Eternal Kingdom Link or other slots and bingo products ready to attract and retain players on your casino floor!

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