FBM Foundation promotes Dental Awareness month with initiatives in Rizal

From February 17th to 18th, FBM Foundation took a proactive approach to promoting oral hygiene in Rizal, bringing smiles to May-iba Burol Teresa and Sitio Tawid Tawid residents through a series of initiatives that spread hygiene kits, useful instructions and free dental services throughout the community.

For some, the month of February might mean love and affection, but for FBM Foundation it can also signify spreading awareness around the dental hygiene topic. Through moments of awareness and valuable lessons held by our 20 Champion volunteers, countless smiles were shared in two activities to remember.

Two solidarity initiatives spread smiles on Dental Awareness month

For the second year in a row, the FBM Foundation keeps promoting insightful moments of solidarity, to better the Filipino communities’ knowledge about the theme of dental hygiene. This year’s initiative was divided into two actions – the first one in May-iba Burol Teresa and the second one in Sitio Tawid Tawid. Let’s discover all about them!

The first action was dedicated to promoting dental hygiene at home

The first moment aimed to equip individuals with the necessary tools and products to maintain good oral hygiene practices at home. On February 17th, the FBM Foundation demonstrated its commitment to dental health by distributing 250 oral health care kits and goods to the May-iba Burol Teresa residents.

The second initiative offered free dental services to locals

The second initiative was held on February 18th, where free dental services were offered to the locals at Sitio Tawid Tawid, Antipolo. This day was entirely dedicated to sponsoring free dental cleaning services, and basic tooth extractions, and to distributing another 250 oral health care kits and goods to the community.

Countless Support of our Champion Volunteers

The support of our 20 dedicated volunteers, including Pepe Costa, FBM Foundation’s Representative, and Lulu Barreras, FBM Foundation’s Community Service Project Coordinator, ensured the smooth execution of both programs.

This event was made possible through the organization’s partnership with the League of Community Unity & Support (LOCUS). The association has been at the forefront of empowering individuals and driving positive change through holistic development, education, and sustainable initiatives.

“Happy smile, happy life” was the motto for last year’s dental health awareness initiatives held in Subic. In this activity, the organization worked with the Foundation of our Lady of Peace Mission Inc. to distribute donations and laughter to the Aeta Resettlement Area children.

By distributing oral health care kits and sponsoring free dental services, FBM Foundation not only addresses immediate dental needs but also empowers individuals to take charge of their oral health in the long run.


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