FBM Foundation: a story of empathy and solidarity with a family in need in Batangas

FBM Foundation keeps actively supporting the Filipino community and this time we want to share a story of empathy experienced in the village of Sitio Bagong Pook in Lian, Batangas. Marieneil Escobar and Rowell Obispo Enriquez are two resilient parents giving their best to raise a happy family of four children. Their lives were turned upside down with a health diagnosis of their baby John Rhyn that requires specialized care, and FBM Foundation answered their assistance request to try to face this tough challenge. Curious? Learn all the story below!

Marieneil Escobar, a devoted housewife at 28, and Rowell Obispo Enriquez, a hardworking fisherman aged 32, are the pillars of their household with four children. The family's journey took an unexpected turn when Baby John Rhyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. This condition requires specialized care and resources. Faced with these circumstances, Marieneil and Rowell refused to be deterred by adversity and reached out to the FBM Foundation seeking a solution.

This image shows the FBM Foundation Community Service Project Coordinator Lulu Barreras posing with Marieneil, Rowelll and John Rhyn in the donation day.
FBM Foundation Community Service Project Coordinator Lulu Barreras with Marieneil, Rowell and John Rhyn in the donation day.

This digital plea resonated with the solidarity project of the FBM Group. After the couple explained the urgent goods needed, the FBM Foundation swiftly responded to Marieneil and Rowell’s call for aid. On March 12, a visit was arranged to accompany the family to the hospital for a crucial check-up for Baby John Rhyn. Additionally, the foundation provided much-needed donations - Bearbrand Milk, medium-sized diapers, and essential vitamins such as Taurex and Propan Buclizin HCI for Baby John Rhyn's health and well-being.

This gesture offered the family a glimpse of hope amidst their challenges. The narrative of Marieneil and Rowell sheds light on the resilience and fortitude exhibited by individuals in the face of adversity. Their story underscores the importance of community support and the impact of the FBM Foundation in extending a helping hand to those in need.

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