FBM Foundation brings hope and joy to Aeta Community in Porac, Pampanga

On a mission to spread hope, support, and smiles, the FBM Foundation marked a significant milestone in the past Saturday by turning its focus to the Villa Maria Aeta Resettlement Area in Porac, Pampanga. The Foundation organized the fifth action of its impactful "Bayanihan Para sa Kababayan" program in a heartwarming initiative dedicated to uplifting the local indigenous community with food, necessity kits and educational supplies.

The FBM Foundation, renowned for its humanitarian work, ventured into the heart of Villa Maria, Porac, to assist the Aeta community. Guided by Barangay’s Captain, Rogelio Valencia Jr., a passionate team of 20 FBM volunteers took upon an ambitious plan which included the distribution of 400 food packs, thoughtfully curated to include essential items such as rice, canned goods, noodles, and non-perishable goods.


A Feast of Support and Necessities in Porac

In a testament to their dedication, the FBM Foundation organized a heartwarming feeding program for the local indigenous community. This effort not only sought to nourish their bodies but also their spirits, as it was a true symbol of unity and care.

In addition to the food provisions, the Foundation went a step further by distributing an extra 400 packs containing necessity kits, proving that their care extends beyond immediate needs.

Nurturing Young Minds and Spaces

Understanding the value of education and child development, the FBM Foundation also extended its support to the local daycare center, catering to the growth of up to 40 children. The Foundation equipped the space with art materials, educational toys, an electric fan, a speaker, and a brand-new set of tables and chairs.

This comprehensive support aims to create a conducive and comfortable learning environment, fostering the growth of young minds and nurturing their instructors. In a touching gesture, the volunteers ensured the children had snacks, including biscuits and boxes of juice, further solidifying the sense of community and care.

A Legacy of Compassion and Community Building

In the spirit of 'Bayanihan Para sa Kababayan', the FBM Foundation's mission in Porac, Pampanga, stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to uplifting communities and spreading joy.

The FBM Foundation's unyielding dedication, exemplified by these initiatives, reflects the organization's passion and commitment. Their mission goes beyond mere charity; it sets a remarkable example of kindness that helps build a more welcoming, nurturing, and supportive community, not just for the Aeta community but for all the Champions of FBM Foundation.

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