FBM® Group collects two prizes at the Asian Gaming Awards!

The Asia Gaming Awards gala was the peak of the ASEAN Gaming Summit second day, and FBM® got in the spotlight in this 2024 edition. The global gaming brand collected two prestigious awards that enhanced the quality and excellence of its work, as FBM Foundation won the "Outstanding Contribution to the Industry in the Field of Corporate Social Responsibility" award and Pepe Costa, Philippines Country Manager at FBM, grabbed the “Outstanding Leader” distinction.

The Asia Gaming Awards is part of the ASEAN Gaming Summit's three-day gaming conference agenda and aims to be an independent, fair and representative awards event that acknowledges the significant achievements of different players in the Asian gaming industry. The initiative gala celebrates the relevant contributions of operators, regulators, suppliers and service providers in their intervention areas within the online and land-based segments of the industry.

FBM Foundation’s Corporate Social Responsibility impact recognized with an award
This image shows three FBM representatives posing with the Asia Gaming Awards host during the delivery of the FBM Foundation prize.
Lulu Barreras, Jennifer Mangilaya and Pepe Costa receiving the FBM Foundation prize in the Asia Gaming Awards.

FBM Foundation won the “Outstanding Contribution in Corporate Social Responsibility” category. This distinction highlights the significant impact of the charitable efforts made by this project over the last few years. The CSR category aims to enhance the most meaningful campaigns or activities performed in this area, valuing their reach, depth and impact on the local community.

The victory of the FBM Foundation values even more the dedication of FBM volunteers, founders, and directors, underscoring their leadership in making a difference in society with this solidarity project.

Pepe Costa’s work at the FBM Philippines highlighted in a Leadership category

This image shows Pepe Costa with the Asia Gaming Awards host and two other business leaders getting the prize of Outstanding Leader.

Pepe Costa, Philippines Country Manager at FBM®, receiving the award of Outstanding Leader.

The Asia Gaming Awards evening had one more surprise reserved for FBM. Pepe Costa, Philippines Country Manager at FBM®, saw its years of leadership and coordination of the FBM Group project in the country acknowledged, by conquering the “Outstanding Leader” distinction.

The FBM representative came up on stage with two other leaders, emphasizing his role in helping the industry move forward and guiding FBM on the road to success by anticipating, reacting and launching trends in the gaming industry.

FBM’s achievements give a boost to this promising 2024

The awards collected in the Asia Gaming Awards gala by FBM® mark one more progress milestone in the journey toward new Champion chapters on the global gaming brand legacy. The recognition of the FBM Foundation with the “Outstanding Contribution in CSR Award”, along with the acknowledgement of Pepe Costa as an “Outstanding Leader”, is a representation of FBM®'s dedication to excellence and its ambition to be Always Champion in the Philippines.

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