FBM® backs the AGB ASEAN Summit and is eligible to win a CSR Award with FBM Foundation!

The FBM® Group is in the spotlight at this edition of the AGB ASEAN Summit! The global gaming brand is sponsoring the event scheduled for March 19th, 20th and 21st in Shangri-La The Fort, BGC Manila, by offering a luncheon to the conference attendees, but that is not all. The solidarity work developed by the FBM Foundation took the project to the shortlist of the Asia Gaming Awards nominees in the category of “Outstanding contribution to the industry in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility”.

The AGB ASEAN Summit is a three-day gaming conference scheduled for the next week in Manila. This event is a great opportunity to connect with Asia's most important gaming executives in several networking opportunities. The summit agenda includes keynote speeches, panels, roundtables, and a distinction of several projects of the gaming industry in the Asia Gaming Awards.

FBM is proud to sponsor the luncheon of the second day of the ASEAN Gaming Summit 2024 on March 20th. Attendees can expect an exclusive networking opportunity while having lunch at the Narra A-C on Level 4. They will have the opportunity to exchange insights, share experiences, and gain valuable perspectives on the latest trends and developments shaping the future of gaming in the ASEAN region.

From regulatory challenges to technological innovations, the ASEAN Gaming discussions promise to be relevant for the different agents attending the event, providing actionable insights to drive their businesses forward.

FBM Foundation is eligible to win a Corporate Social Responsibility award

Besides the enlightening and informative initiatives in the agenda, the AGB ASEAN Summit is also a moment of success celebration for several industry players that exceed expectations in different areas with the Asia Gaming Awards gala scheduled for the dinner of March 20th.

FBM Foundation is on the shortlist of nominees for the “Outstanding contribution to the industry in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility” category. This award aims to recognize the most meaningful CSR campaign or activity developed by an entity actively engaged in the Asian Gaming industry. The solidarity project of the FBM Group will now be evaluated on its reach, depth, creativity, and social impact in the local community by a specialized panel of Juris, who are taking the final decision on March 20th.

FBM's active involvement in the ASEAN Gaming Summit by sponsoring a networking moment and participating in the Asia Gaming Awards shows the brand's commitment to supporting the growth and success of the gaming industry in the ASEAN region. As part of facilitating this gaming conference, FBM aims to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and promote best practices that benefit stakeholders across the gaming industry.

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