FBM® Foundation promotes Dental Health Month with awareness initiative in Subic

Happy smile, happy life was the motto for the latest FBM® Foundation initiative that took place last February 11th in Subic, Zambales. To celebrate Dental Health Month, the organization partnered with the Foundation of our Lady of Peace Mission Inc. and distributed donations and laughter to children in the Aeta Resettlement Area.

In the Philippines, February is known as the oral hygiene awareness month. To encourage young people to take better care of their teeth and gums, FBM® Foundation took on the opportunity to arrange a solidarity initiative in Subic, Zambales, aimed to achieve better overall health for Filipino children.

Why can Dental Health mean better health?

The Aeta community living in the Subic, Zambales region is known for its resilience even in the worst disasters, such as the Volcanic Hazards in 1991. Supporting these vulnerable groups with useful tools that can improve their health consciousness was at the top of FBM® Foundation’s priority list this February.

When it comes to health, the importance of education is crucial for the development of younger generations. Often hygiene and responsibility go hand in hand, so providing means and resources for Filipino children to grow and achieve their ultimate independence, by being capable of taking care of themselves, is the big mission for this month.

Helping youngsters meet their hygiene needs is a fundamental component of nursing care as it allows younger champions to be self-sufficient: "Health education starts from within and at FBM® Foundation we believe that being closer to our communities makes us grow together, shape a better tomorrow for our kids and build more informed and knowledgeable future generation", states Vítor Francisco, the Director of FBM® Foundation.

FBM® Foundation champions ready to bring smiles to children’s faces

In celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month, the FBM® Foundation and the Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission Inc. joined forces to conduct a joint donation activity destined for 250 kids at the Aeta Resettlement area.

With the help of its 12 volunteers, FBM® Foundation provided oral hygiene kits, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and oral antiseptic to prevent viral and bacterial infections.

During this initiative, both institutions offered lunch meals to the group and distributed essential goods such as rice, canned goods, noodles, and vitamins to these children, who were able to bring home these treats and spread joy to their families. Moreover, the Aeta Resettlement Area Facility also received milk and diapers for those who had infants to take care of.

On a day filled with good energies and smiles from ear to ear, FBM® Foundation volunteers brought tremendous fun, game sessions and enriching information to these children's oral health in Zambales.


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