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Our goal is to work together with the communities where our FBM® Brand and products are inserted promoting the human and economic development of these communities by encouraging traditional and professional education, mitigating poverty, and acting quickly in case of natural calamities.


We are FBM® Foundation

We want to promote significant and lasting social benefits in the locations where we operate, creating a favorable environment for the sustainable development of people who may need a helping hand.

The FBM® Foundation was born through specific humanitarian actions coordinated by the FBM® brand to help the Filipino communities affected by natural disasters.


We understand that organizations have responsibility for the community in which they are inserted, and that progress always comes together, and the business cannot be prosperous in isolation in a fragile social environment.

We want to generate positive social impacts, acting sustainably in the social development of communities and boosting relevant socioeconomic changes that strengthen the operation in the long term.

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