FBM® Foundation makes an emergency response in Noveleta, Cavite

On November 9th, solidarity was felt in Noveleta, Cavite, as 15 FBM® Foundation volunteers made a humanitarian action to help 500 families affected by the floods caused by typhoon Paeng. Emotional support, groceries and hygiene goods were offered to the population during the initiative.

From October 28th to 31st, devastating news woke up the Filipino communities, as typhoon Paeng made damage to the eastern and western parts of Luzon, as well as to other cities and municipalities in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna and Quezon. To mitigate the effects caused by the natural disaster, this week FBM® Foundation donated several goods to the population, along with Dasca Entertainment and Games Corp.

Typhoon Paeng left unexpected destruction in the region

The municipality of Noveleta, Cavite was among those who suffered the worst effects of typhoon Paeng, which according to Municipal Town Mayor, Dino Reyes-Chua, was unexpected. The raging flood waters came down the river as the flood-control dike, particularly along the public market area, gave way for the water to continuously rush from the upland areas of Cavite.

Although the Provincial Government of Cavite had recently declared a state of calamity in the province, the outcome was worse than imagined. In the aftermath of this unfortunate event, populations were left with severe devastation and millions were lost in property, livelihood and local crops.

“The province of Noveleta, Cavite is still recovering from the disaster brought by typhoon Paeng. Paeng' taught us that no matter how well we are prepared, we will have to face the fact that nature’s wrath is unpredictable”, says FBM® Foundation representative, Vítor Francisco.

FBM® Foundation’s small gesture in the middle of chaos

FBM® Foundation could not be indifferent to this devastating news. On November 9th, 15 volunteers distributed relief goods to 500 families from Poblacion, Salcedo, San Antonio 1 and 2, Brgy, San Juan 1 and 2 in Noveleta, Cavite. The donation packs consisted of grocery goods (rice and canned goods) and hygiene kits (shampoo, soap and toothpaste).

Many of these families have lost everything during the floods. Vítor Francisco points out that “even though it was a fulfilling experience to help those in need after the destruction brought by the heavy floods, residents are still suffering and trying to make sense of the chaos”.

In fact, residents from the regions of Barangays Poblacion, Salcedo, San Antonio 1 and 2 and San Juan 1 and 2 are still removing water and mud from their houses, while also trying to repair their shelters from what was left by the typhoon.

But those struggles did not push away kindness among the Salcedo population, as some of the residents who still had means of income chose to waive the relief goods offered by the organization so that they could be donated to those who needed it most.

This meaningful initiative was a partnership celebrated between FBM® Foundation, Dasca Entertainment and Games Corp and it would not have been possible without the help of 15 brave volunteers.

About FBM® Foundation

FBM® Foundation was born through specific humanitarian actions coordinated by the FBM® brand to help Filipino communities affected by natural disasters. The foundation also takes concrete actions to encourage education and boost socioeconomic changes that produce positive effects in the long-term future. You can join our volunteer program by contacting FBM® Foundation using this e-mail address: [email protected].

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