FBM Foundation: balance and next steps for the future

There is a constant feeling of instability and threat in the world nowadays. Social disparities are widening and there seems to be a lot to do to help vulnerable communities and populations. Actions and support are rising, but society seems to be immune to news about social solidarity at a time when voluntary participation is key. Vítor Francisco, Director at FBM Foundation, spoke to us about the relevance of the actions carried out by the organization in the Philippines and leaves in the air the possibility of expanding its solidarity actions to other countries in the future.

1. What is the FBM Foundation's balance since it started operating in December 2021?

It is very positive. The FBM Foundation aims to help the most vulnerable communities and, since the beginning of its activity, it has developed actions in several regions with different approaches to bring something positive to these people. When we started this project, we did not imagine that we would help so many people in such a short period of time, and of course, we want to keep working harder so that the impact of our help is felt by those who need it most.

2. All actions of solidarity serve a purpose. Is there any action that the FBM Foundation has done recently that has had a special impact on you? Why?

All along the way. There have been several actions that have been very special to me. Regarding the most recent initiatives, I have a great fondness for the blood donation action we did for the Red Cross. Especially for the fact that the blood donors were all part of the FBM team in the Philippines and immediately volunteered to make the donation. This is the kind of feeling we always wanted to share with the FBM Foundation. Witnessing so many people wanting to contribute to achieving this goal brought me immense joy, especially at a time when voluntary participation is so necessary.

3. Are there any clear projects or initiatives planned for the future of the FBM Foundation that you can tell us anything about? Where do you see this foundation evolving in the future?

Yes. Currently, we are very focused on developing partnerships with NGOs in the Philippines working with children in situations of need. This is a very relevant and dear project to us, and we have intentions to expand the FBM Foundation actions in the future.

4. The FBM Foundation has already had a support action in Ukraine. Are there plans for the organization to be active in markets other than the Philippines in the short-term future?

Definitely, we have always had this desire. Our connection with the Philippines and the Filipino people is exceptional, we have a strong bond with the country and its people. In fact, our focus so far has been to perform this help in the Philippines, which will probably continue for a long time. However, we have some projects that we would like to take to other countries one day, no doubt.

5. Volunteer work is very important for FBM Foundation to be able to succeed with its actions. Would you like to leave a message for potential volunteers?

Our mission, apart from helping others, is to be an example. In our ordinary lives, we may not even think about this issue but the truth is that every little help we offer can really change other people's lives. At FBM Foundation, we want to show that we are all capable of putting our social responsibility toward others to use. For all those who would like to help but don't know how, be they individuals or organizations, I invite you to contact us, as we will be delighted to become partners in this important mission.

FBM Foundation was born through specific humanitarian actions coordinated by the FBM brand to help the Filipino communities affected by natural disasters. The foundation also takes concrete actions to encourage traditional or professional education and boost socioeconomic changes that produce positive effects in the long-term future. You can join our volunteer program by contacting FBM Foundation using this e-mail address: [email protected].

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