FBM Foundation helps Fairplay charity in Payatas

The weekend was different for FBM Foundation! Ten organization volunteers spent their Saturday (October 22nd) in a solidarity action designed to support Fairplay For All Foundation, a small charity operating in Payatas, Quezon City. Financial, academic, social and emotional incentives were offered to the population benefiting from the Fairplay For All social action.

Payatas is known as the region in Metro Manila where the garbage industry has the biggest impact. It is the main source of income for many of the families living here, even since the dumpsite closed operations. Most people work as garbage truck drivers, garbage collectors and scavengers, living near or below the poverty line.

To mitigate the existent problems, Fairplay For All Foundation has become embedded in the community in order to help them surpass those difficulties. The institution usually conducts its solidarity actions taking in consideration a few pillars: education, finances, mental health and food. In order to do that, the institution uses its support programs, which happen at the Fairplay Café, Fairplay Youth Center and Payatas Sports Center.

A partnership with relevant impact for population with ongoing struggles

In order to help Filipino scholars who suffer the consequences of unemployment and scarcity in the Payatas region, FBM Foundation donated several goods not only to the Cafeteria and Youth Center project, but also to more than 60 families of scholars.

The donation contained food, essential equipment and other goods. The whole list included: food processors, several rice sacks, large woks, home gallery 12L and 18L boxes, air fryers, blenders and vegetable oils, beans and lentils, alcohol, soap, tooth paste, toothbrushes, shampoo, pencil boxes, black and red ballpen boxes, whiteboard marker boxes, bookshelves for the library, brain quest for the kindergarten (from grade 1 to 6), A4 bond paper boxes, legal bond papers and educational toys.

“Making a hopeful and inspiring impact in the lives of those who find themselves in hard situations means to give them an impulse to be whatever they want to be. Sometimes, all it needs is a helping hand and Fairplay For All Foundation has done tremendous work in this field”, explains Vitor Francisco, representative of FBM Foundation. “When we got this help request, we couldn’t reject such an important measure to the people of Payatas”, adds the spokesman.

About Fairplay For All Foundation

Operating since 2001, Fairplay For All Foundation is a small charity working in Payatas who supports its scholars, from kindergarten up to college students, with financial, academic, social and emotional support and incentives. Initially established by Roy Moore and Naomi Tomlinson, the structured assistance provided by Fairplay For All positively impacts the physical and mental health of a significant part of the population facing big challenges. The kids they mentor through tutoring, helping with day to day needs and providing skills to build their confidence, have shown remarkable progress when provided with the opportunities and support most people take for granted.

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