FBM Foundation and Philippine Red Cross did a Blood Donation Campaign in Pasig

FBM Foundation and Philippine Red Cross joined forces in a partnership to organise a blood donation activity last June 25th in Pasig. The initiative allowed more than 30 volunteers to make their blood donations and consequently help the local health institutions.

To donate blood is all about giving life to other people. The humanitarian act of these volunteers reinforced the visibility of a campaign that the FBM Foundation and Philippine Red Cross are implementing to enhance the importance of having blood supplies ready to use and help the Philippine population facing different health issues.

Blood donation is an altruistic and pain-free action that only takes about 10-20 minutes for the donors. This small gesture benefits the entire society, and when done by hundreds of individuals, it can produce a significant impact slowing some health problems.

The campaign also wants to promote the role of voluntary and unpaid blood donors because they are key figures to guarantee the sustainability of blood reserves in the country. A total of 45 citizens registered for this blood collection, and 32 were qualified to advance and make their contribution. The needs that another human being faces today can be the needs that I’m facing tomorrow, so FBM Foundation encourages you to join the movement of volunteer blood donors.

Remember that FBM Foundation was born through specific humanitarian actions coordinated by the FBM brand to help the Filipino communities affected by natural disasters. The foundation also takes concrete actions to encourage traditional or professional education and boost socioeconomic changes that produce positive effects in the long-term future.

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