FBM® Foundation launches Building a Champion by a Champion educational project in Rizal

FBM® Foundation entered the new year going strong. After the Bayanihan para sa kababayan program kick-off, it’s time to welcome the new Building a Champion by a Champion project, whose most recent initiative in Rizal last January 27th was part of several activities destined to promote educational change in Filipino students.

2023 came in full of big expectations for FBM® Foundation and its volunteers. After the announcement of its newest Bayanihan para sa kababayan program, a new project emerges to help Filipino youngsters to thrive in better scholarly contexts. The first solidarity initiative took place last week in Tanay, Rizal to overcome Covid-19 limitations, and more are to come throughout the year.

Building a Champion by a Champion: education as a priority

Four months of hard work set the path to a four-month-long FBM® Foundation program, which will serve Filipino populations in January, April, August and November of 2023.

Providing young Filipinos with adequate resources to level up their learning conditions is a major step towards building a better future for these populations.

“Education is and always will be the major force to overcome hardship, and it is a sector often neglected in most societies. If we, as FBM® Foundation, can support these communities with actions that deeply push transformative academic change, we won’t think twice about it. We will be there”, discloses Vítor Francisco, Director of FBM® Foundation.

To celebrate the International Day of Education on January 24th, the first activity chosen to boost the Building a Champion by a Champion program supported over 600 students whose development got compromised by the Coronavirus outbreaks, at the Camp Mateo Capinpin Elementary School in Tanay, Rizal.

Hundreds of students affected by Covid-19 setbacks

Apart from health-related side effects worldwide, the negative consequences that came with the pandemics were also felt by Filipino communities on what education is concerned, with several activities being frozen or cancelled.

Even though the students at Camp Mateo Capinpin Elementary School are back to face-to-face classes, there’s still a lot to recover from and FBM® Foundation could not be indifferent to these struggles.

Last January 27th, 650 young students from kindergarten to grade 6 were aided by 15 FBM® Foundation Champions with the donation of school supplies and cleaning materials.

For this planned action, there were distributed notebooks, writing pads, ball pens, pencils, colors to paint and glue. The school facility also received a TV Monitor, a printer with a scan and photocopy, bundles of bond paper, Monoblock chairs, facemasks, detergents, disinfectant sprays, insect killers and alcohol.

The donation of these goods goes well beyond the simple teaching side of things. It intends to establish and promote a comfortable, safe space for these students by providing them with the basic resources they need to stay inspired and motivated while learning different subjects.

The Building a Champion by a Champion program has four activities scheduled for this year. Initiatives like the ones promoted in this project are specially targeted at young generations affected by social and economic difficulties and hope to facilitate the development of these children while growing a better tomorrow.


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