FBM Foundation distributes 250 essential kits in Marikina, Philippines

FBM Foundation continued its collaboration with PAGCOR and distributed 250 essential kits today among the people of Marikina. The initiative included in the “Pagkain para sa Masa” project aims to help the community members struggling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. After the kick-off donation of December, FBM Foundation returned to Marikina with its volunteers to distribute a new shipment of relief packs. Each food bucket delivers precious resources to ensure normality in the routine of needy citizens and contains rice, canned goods, eggs, fresh vegetables, and ham. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the Philippines deeply, and the “Pagkain para sa Masa” project coordinated by PAGCOR has a long-term plan to impact positively different regions of the country with the distribution of 4.000 essential kits. FBM is a proud partner of the initiative with the action of the FBM Foundation. Remember that FBM Foundation's purpose is to create a favorable social environment in the countries where FBM operates by acting on decisive areas as education, economy, and sustainability. The foundation will take concrete actions to encourage traditional or professional education and boost socioeconomic changes that can produce positive effects in the long-term future.

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