FBM Foundation makes a donation to support Ukraine

FBM Foundation is supporting Ukraine with a financial donation of 10.000$. This amount will be distributed equally among two institutions working directly with the Ukrainian people – Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF Philippines. This financial aid will help the European nation buy equipment and goods needed to ensure better conditions for the families retained in the country. Nothing good comes from war. That is FBM's conviction towards any active conflict. Our teams in different parts of the globe are already shipping essential goods to Ukraine, and there are FBM workers directly involved with volunteering actions to support the Ukrainian community. Our thoughts and actions focus on sustainable peace and helping the communities now suffering and struggling against the effects of these battles. That is why FBM is joining the gaming industry movement to support the Ukrainian with a donation through FBM Foundation. We desire that peace can return soon and ask our readers to invest some minutes reading carefully the information provided by the two institutions mentioned above to check how you can contribute actively and positively in this situation. Remember that FBM Foundation's purpose is to create a favourable social environment in the countries where FBM operates by acting on decisive areas as education, economy, and sustainability. The foundation will continue taking concrete actions to encourage traditional or professional education and boost socioeconomic changes that can produce positive effects in the long-term future.

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