Winning time for FBM in G2E Las Vegas!

FBM in G2E Las Vegas should represent the end of a 12 months road of great success. In the end, it was even better than the expectations! Don´t you believe? Read about it in an interview for Focus Gaming News.

FBM in G2E Las Vegas is a celebration of great success

US.- October 15th to 17th saw the 2019 edition of the Global Gaming Expo trade show in Sands Expo, Las Vegas take place. With lots of novelties, FBM knew how to catch the public’s eye by showcasing tremendous products and features. All of this, in an impressive booth. Indeed, FBM ins G2E Las Vegas overcame all the expectations by offering freshness and innovation with a remarkable and excellent new look.

One step further in the Spin Reel world

FBM extended its range of Spin Reel products since the release of the Shadow machine last year in Las Vegas. It was natural for the brand to come this year to Las Vegas with a widened Spin Reel line, and FBM did well by showcasing Easy$Link, already enjoying a great success worldwide, and Mythic Link, the last Spin Reel pack premiering during this G2E edition. “Mythic Link is about adventure and legends, but more than this is about fun for players and profits for clients. As we can see in the Easy$Link pack, each game tells its own story, offering to the players amazing graphics and gameplay.” Mythic Link won unanimous support during the show as well as the other features of FBM’s Spin Reel line.

Rebranded bingo games and machine

FBM also presented its rebranded bingo machine Galaxy. Already well-known by the public, the famous two-screen machine has been rethought as more powerful than ever, giving the player an ergonomic comfort and a modern, contemporary cabinet. FBM in G2E Las Vegas was also synonym of the Progressive Series line games showcase. “Progressive Series proposes more features than the brand’s regular bingo games in order to have a wide range of products to please every player” adds Renato Almeida.

A well thought Online Gaming area

FBM also came to Las Vegas with its Online Gaming products. The games are already available on various gaming websites. “The brand is developing well its online section and it gets appreciated by the public more every time. This is a great opportunity to showcase these products.” FBM is aiming for more in 2020, “we will soon reveal what is up for the brand” concludes Almeida.

A fresh look for FBM

Not only the brand had planned many new elements, but G2E Las Vegas was also the first global appearance for the brand with a completely new look. “The new identity of FBM has been acclaimed here in Las Vegas. We are glad to see people reacting positively to this change” comments Renato Almeida, director at FBM. He continues “The brand evolves and grows but keeps the same engagements as before. We keep leading with innovative products and offering exceptional quality services. FBM is ready to take the spotlight to Asia now. The brand will participate in the first edition of Global Gaming Expo in Manila.   Source : Focus Gaming News

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