FBM novelties to G2E Las Vegas: there is a lot to explore!

FBM novelties to G2E Las Vegas are revealed in an exclusive interview with Yogonet. FBM's executive Renato Almeida shared his expectations for this year’s edition of the Las Vegas show. The brand plans to launch a new range of well-known bingo games, among other new products!

Which products are you planning to showcase at this year’s edition of the show?

FBM novelties to G2E Las Vegas include different surprises. Among them, FBM presents a redesigned version of a bingo machine exhibited with the Progressive Series and a new range of the well-known bingo games. This collection includes a more playful design and bonus - “Multipots". This is a novelty for Mexico and already a success in Spain. The brand will also go strong with its Spin Reel line! Besides the first six games offering 243 Ways to win, FBM will showcase its pack of game Easy$Link and the attendees will have the chance to see the latest pack of linked games debuting during the show, games that bring the adventure and will surely be a great success. FBM will also exhibit its online games for the first time with a range of bingo games, spin reel, baccarat, blackjack, and poker available for online platforms.

What are your expectations for the event?

The FBM novelties for G2E Las Vegas are the big expectations! We had a deep commitment to developing new products for this show and now it´s time to present a booth full of novelties ready for the market. G2E is the perfect place for this with its worldwide influence. It is also the place for great opportunities to raise brand awareness toward our new identity. FBM is changing and positively evolving.

You’ve recently installed Easy Link in Mexico.  How would you describe the casinos and players feedback to these games?

We are doing great in Mexico with a big expansion this year. The four-games of Easy$Link - Underwater Riches, RacinGo - Wild, Cash O'Clock, Kingdom Gems - were really well received by the Mexican casinos and players. The games come with nice and attractive gameplay and features and we wish the same success for the coming titles. Besides Mexico, Ireland is the next market to welcome the FBM's spin reel and we are excited about this novelty.

Which was FBM’s greatest achievement in 2019?

We are really proud of the growth of the Spin Reel line. In fact, this collection has a huge relevance among the FBM novelties to G2E Las Vegas. It was one of FBM’s objectives for 2019 to develop a strong slots range. It has improved beyond our expectations. Now, in G2E, FBM will showcase another completely new pack of games. This time with an adventure theme that we are thrilled to exhibit and we wish the same success as for Easy$Link. The strength of FBM is the capacity of meeting any clients’ needs, strength that has been emphasized with this line of products.
  Source: Yogonet

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