Merry Christmas and Happy 2022

It´s the Christmas season, a wonderful moment of sharing and contemplation. These moments, when we gather around the table, remind me of the essential things in life. After 12 months of intense work, it´s good to feel that we accomplished our mission, but it´s even better to remember our year as a family in the FBM group.

I´m very proud of our team´s behaviour, energy and performance in this challenging period, which marked the celebration of our 20 champion years with a fast and dynamic pace.

If 2020 was the year of overcoming, 2021 was a year of affirmation for FBM.

When the casino industry felt one of its fiercest attacks, we didn’t leave any workers, clients, partners or stakeholders behind. We held our plans and Champion DNA firmly; launched new video bingos and slots, opened new markets; started a digital adventure with FBMDS, launched the FBM Xtreme brand; and reinforced our social role as a global gaming brand by helping communities with relevant actions.

I know that there is some uncertainty on the daily and long-term plans, but the intense journey that we have been living together in 2021 only reinforced what I always knew about the FBM people. We are a family that cares, a family of persistent and hard-working humans that don´t step back no matter how hard is the challenge!

For all this, and also for all the gifts you left in FBM's little Christmas shoe, we want to say a huge thank you! We hope that the next year brings you health, prosperity and accomplished dreams in all aspects of your life.

Embrace your loved ones, keep safe and enjoy the ride!

With care, Rui Manuel Mendes Francisco

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