FBM reinforces the Progressive Series bingo line with four new games!

Multi Mega™, Multi Plus™, Viva Mexico™ and Golden Ball™ are the four new titles added by FBM to its Progressive Series bingo line! This pack of games joins the Multipots portfolio by including the M bonus pattern in the prize table, which allows players to collect Minor, Major and Grand prizes. The Progressive Series version of the four games is now available to play in Mexico!

There are now 10 bingo games that allow casino managers and players to collect benefits of the Multipots bonus dimension. Multi Mega™, Multi Plus™, Viva Mexico™ and Golden Ball™ join Cash O´Clock™, Bingo-Go™, Rubingo™, Catch the Gold™, 30 Mania!™ and Rockstar Bingo™ as the FBM representatives of the progressive series line. 

Remember that in the Progressive Series games players access a bonus level by obtaining the “M” pattern in their cards. On this first bonus level, players pick to find three Multipots badges. If they get the desired three of a kind, they can enter a second bonus level with a guaranteed prize. Here they pick to collect the Minor (with three Minor symbols), Major (with four Major symbols) or Grand (with five Grand symbols) prize, depending on the output of their choices.

The Multipots feature adds new moments of tension and emotion to the gaming sessions, engaging players with the bingo experience provided. If you want to know more about these games and their specifics access the following links:

Multi Mega™ - Progressive Series »

Multi Plus™ - Progressive Series »

Viva Mexico™ - Progressive Series »

Golden Ball™ - Progressive Series »

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