FBM launches FBM Foundation with a new donation in the Philippines

FBM Foundation is the new social project developed by FBM focusing on the human and economic development of the communities where the global gaming brand operates. The FBM Foundation kick-off action took place in the Philippines, during the past December 4th and 8th, by joining the “PAGCOR: Pagkain Para sa masa” project in the distribution of essential food kits among the Marikina and Tagaytay populations.

FBM Foundation purpose is to create a favourable social environment in the countries where FBM operates by acting on decisive areas as education, economy and sustainability. The foundation will take concrete actions to encourage traditional or professional education and boost socioeconomic changes that can produce positive effects in the long-term future.

For Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM, “Launching FBM Foundation brings a sensation of mission accomplished. We believe that organizations with a global expression as FBM have a natural responsibility for the communities that they impact. FBM Foundation will bring us closer to our people and their needs, allowing us to have a more active role in the building of common progress and a better global society”, comments the FBM representative.

FBM Foundation debut initiative distributes 500 food kits in the Philippines.

The kick-off initiative of the FBM Foundation took place in the Philippines, during the last 4th and 8th of December, by joining PAGCOR´s “Pagkain para sa Masa” project in a new donation of essential food kits through two specific communities. Remember that FBM already joined PAGCOR in the distribution of more than 2000 relief packs in Metro Manila in May of 2021.

In this new round, the FBM volunteers delivered 250 food buckets to the Marikina beneficiaries on December 4th at SSS Elementary School, Lilac St. Brgy. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City. The other 250 food buckets had Tagaytay beneficiaries as the destination on December 8th, with a special action in the Pag-asa Social Center Focolare Compound, Calamba Road, Iruhin South.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the Philippines deeply, and this project coordinated by PAGCOR allows delivering precious resources to ensure normality in the routine of needy citizens. Each food bucket contains rice, canned goods, eggs, fresh vegetables and ham.

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