FBM in a successful summer

FBM brand, a pioneer in the operation of video bingo in Asia and one of the most successful in the Ibero-American market, says goodbye to a successful summer in Spain. During this season, FBM celebrated its entry into important gambling venues in 5 autonomous communities: Los bingos Gorrión (Alicante) and Libertad (Elche) and the Tudanca (Miranda de Ebro), Luckia Delicias and Luckia Av. Madrid (Zaragoza) halls, Black Jack (Estella), Emotiva 16 (Bolaños de Calatrava) and Jackpot (Puertollano). Thus increasing its machinery park in the country by 19%. In all the new halls, the players could see 'Boombazón', the most recent release of FBM. A package of novelties that presents the main highlight to 'PigBoom!', A nice and explosive mystery prize that has captivated all players. The exponential growth achieved in recent years shows that the confidence that the big entrepreneurs in the sector are putting in FBM is being right.

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