MEGA is now available in Mexico.

Less than six months after the launch of MEGA on its European market, FBM makes it now available for Mexico. The leading bingo games brand on the Asian market has started to expand and develop its spin reel market in Mexico. MEGA, the latest FBM feature allows the players to receive random bonuses while playing. With its various prizes: MEGA Prize, MEGA Bonus, MEGA Sales and MEGA Bingo, MEGA gives to the players new possibilities to win, with much fun. Already available on the brand’s European market, MEGA’s success has been constantly growing, and the feature attracts more and more clients and players. In Mexico, MEGA arrives not long after PigBoom!, and is part of FBM’s development strategy in Mexico. “We are planning to launch more valuable features before the end of the year,” says Renato Almeida, FBM executive. “We are very enthusiastic to present MEGA in Mexico. The year 2019 had started with a lot of great news and projects, this is a great accomplishment for FBM.” The brand is already confirmed to participate in the next G2E Asia, taking place at the Venetian, in Macau, the next May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

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