FBM® Spain joins Club de Convergentes

FBM® joined CLUB DE CONVERGENTES. This Spanish association gathers the best players operating in the national gaming industry, from game providers to cabinet producers and system manufacturers. This partnership means one more step towards FBM®’s goal to affirm its new strategy in this European market.

FBM® Spain joins CLUB DE CONVERGENTES, an organization made for all the manufacturers and developers who intend to be in the first line of the Spanish gaming industry scene.

CLUB DE CONVERGENTES strives to build coordinated points of consensus and agreement within the Spanish gaming industry and FBM® could not miss its place on the table.

A relevant outlet for the gaming industry in Spain

At CLUB DE CONVERGENTES, the organization traces a common line of action, which promotes and favors the development of business activities, including the gaming world and other industrial and economic sectors.

Since its creation, “Being Convergent” is part of the Club’s motto, which has been a meeting point between the purposes and interests of all its members. The dialogue established in this association presents opportunities of common growth for all the agents involved in the sector, motivating FBM® to join the conversation.

A bright future for FBM® Spain

Since the announcement of FBM® Spain’s new General Director, Alejandro Pérez Garcia, the new strategy defined for the company is focused on being part of specific autonomous communities, as well as pursuing new gaming rooms and bingo sites opportunities, in order to quickly evolve for a national presence, compatible with the growth that the operations side has been showing.

With the intent in mind of being the new reference in the Spanish land-based gaming sector, the most recent partnership with CLUB DE CONVERGENTES solidifies FBM®’s interests of continuously growing its brand awareness and presence in this European market.

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