Alejandro Pérez Garcia is the General Director leading FBM®’s new era in Spain

FBM® changed its strategy in Spain and appointed Alejandro Pérez Garcia as the new General Director. Alejandro is responsible for relaunching FBM®’ s business operations in this European market. Innovation, quality, services and teamwork will be key concepts of the strategy that will boost the “new” FBM® Spain.

The national footprint that FBM® has kept during these years in Spain, with its headquarters in Valencia (Massanassa), allowed the brand to adapt its new slots and video bingo products to the Spanish market demands in terms of graphic appearance, operation and cabinet visuals. The most recent products developed by FBM® are collecting positive feedback among Spanish operators that had the opportunity to explore them. The new General Director at FBM® Spain, Alejandro Pérez Garcia, expresses his feelings about this new period. "I am very grateful to FBM® for this opportunity, and for the trust in my skills to relaunch the brand operations in the Spanish market. The project presented was very challenging, and I loved FBM®’s products from the first day I saw them. I also think that the products have a considerable evolution margin in the middle and long-term futures, and this fact makes me confident that FBM® products will occupy a highlight spot in the Spanish market”, affirms Alejandro Pérez Garcia.


The legacy of over 20 years operating globally in the casino industry and exporting games or cabinets makes FBM® a safe choice for any operator. With a diverse portfolio of engaging video bingo, slots, cabinets and online casino games (through the FBMDS® brand), FBM® is a top player in the casino industry that has the ability to think global and act local, providing the Spanish operators and players with what they are looking for: alternatives, profitability and joy.

The strategy defined for FBM® Spain in this new era is already running and focuses on bringing profitability to operators and memorable gaming experiences to players. In order to do that, FBM® will keep the highest levels of creativity in the industry, combining great hardware and software with the best game mathematics and technical services. For FBM®, excellence is a non-negotiable priority.

In the first stage, the strategy implementation will focus on specific autonomous communities, gaming rooms and bingo sites to quickly evolve for a national presence, compatible with the growth on the operations side. To accomplish the goals defined, Alejandro Pérez Garcia will have the support of the entire FBM® group but especially from the growing team of FBM® Spain working from Valencia. Consequently, there are new members joining this reorganized structure and Alejandro Masedo is one of the new faces. With more than 15 years of experience in the gaming sector, Alejandro is the new commercial responsible in FBM® Spain and gets a relevant role in the relaunch operation by ensuring the commercial development of the company.

Following the same logic, Joana Litrán has a new role in FBM® Spain. Besides the commercial supervision already developed before for FBM®, Joana will now lead permanent training sessions about FBM® products to promoters and staff working at the gaming rooms.


Alejandro Pérez Garcia has had a deep passion for the gaming industry for more than 35 years. After concluding his academic path as a Telecommunications Engineer, he developed his career between the IT area at Telefonica Group and the physical gaming industry with several experiences, projects and responsibilities in different environments.

Besides the professional experience in Telefonica, working directly with Spain, Italy and LATAM markets, Alejandro worked at Recreativos Franco and Zitro in different roles. He loves challenges and always showed a natural ability to develop businesses and start operations from scratch in companies which have technological innovation as their core mission.

Bingdata terminals, electronic bingo or cashless systems during the 90s completed the first steps to the first interconnected bingo in Andalucía. In his professional background, Alejandro has also know-how collected from other experiences: production and sales of lottery terminals in Canada; the development of the telematic network of Rete Franco Italia; the first system able to print cards in a gaming room at Castilla & León; production and exportation of AWP machines in the Italian market or strategic consultancy and creation of products for the sector using electronic paying systems and TITO servers, point converters and access control to gaming rooms using biometric data.

With the same passion and strength that he lives by, Alejandro now gets the responsibility to lead FBM® Spain with the firm conviction of transforming FBM® into a new reference of the Spanish land-based gaming sector.

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