A story of kindness by FBM Foundation expresses the meaning of Mother’s Day

Being a mother is the ultimate dream of millions of human beings. They are our example, compass, strength and a source of unconditional love in life. Mother’s Day is just one way of paying tribute for what they mean in the eyes of each son or daughter. That is why the FBM Foundation couldn’t refuse the special request of a brave mother and decided to take action on the field.

Mother’s Day of 2023 holds a special significance for Mrs Maria Regina Argayoso, a single mom and true warrior taking care of four children. She was recently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and the battle against this condition forced her to leave her work as a housekeeper losing the main source of revenue to provide for her family.

In these circumstances, many would give up, but Mrs Argayoso refused to stop and reached FBM Foundation through the organization’s website asking for food aid. Her unwavering strength, resilience, and boundless love deserved all the recognition and appreciation from the foundation. This was the beginning of a story marked by a deep sense of care, kindness and solidarity.

FBM Foundation promptly said “yes” to the request and visited Mrs Argayoso in Makati City on May 11th. The kind-hearted volunteers gave a bouquet of flowers and brought a sack of rice, food groceries, essential vitamins, milk, fruits and toiletries, fulfilling her humble solicitation for assistance. She only asked for a helping hand to provide the family with something to eat during this challenging time.

Mother's Day is a special date that honors and celebrates the immeasurable love, unwavering care, and selfless sacrifices made by mothers around the world. It is a day to express gratitude for all the exceptional roles mothers perform in the life of each child as teachers, caregivers, counsellors, cheerleaders, and friends.

For Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM Foundation, “This gesture of kindness led by the FBM Foundation through its dedicated volunteers spread joy, smiles, and love in Mrs Argayoso's home. This initiative expresses the true significance of Mother's Day, and the heart of FBM Foundation’s mission”, completes the spokesman.

To make a significant impact in the Filipino communities is the goal

Through its efforts, FBM Foundation has proven that even the smallest act of kindness can have a significant impact on people's lives. As the foundation continues to serve communities in need, its legacy of kindness and generosity can inspire others to follow in their footsteps and make a difference in the world.

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