ICE 2019 Interview of Renato Almeida for Yogonet

What will be the highlights of the stand and the presence of FBM in ICE? What new features, innovations, and releases will be included, or other differences compared to previous editions?

In this edition of ICE, we will be presenting some new features: the new spin real machine, Shadow, and the new Galaxy, a completely redesigned bingo machine, with really modern specifications and features, which will surely be a success. In addition to the platforms, we have new games and features that visitors can experience at our booth S8-320.  

What does ICE represent for your business this year in particular? Which part needs to strengthen and gain competitiveness from the fair, and in what way?

ICE is an excellent opportunity to be in contact with the European and global market, to see the news and expectations and we are pleased to be present at this important fair. FBM has expanded a lot in recent years, both in relation to the markets and the range of products offered. Our spin reel machines have been a success in Mexico, a market where they are already installed. We are also focused on developing further our online gaming area, meeting the global demand for that type of game. And the last but not the least, the Bingo! The new Galaxy is a fantastic new modern cabinet. Now, FBM has completed a new range of excellent products. ICE will be the starting point of 2019.  

Could you offer us your assessment of the latest news on your new spin reel Shadow machine and its available games, based on the performance and feedback received so far? What do you think this new product will bring to FBM?

FBM received a great review from Mexico, from the players, and from the casinos. We have four games for the country, which are: Xing-Fú-Fortune, Pharaoh's Legacy, The Vault Heist, and Magic Tales, games that have thematic bonuses, free spin, and mini jackpots. Plus, we also have two games ready for Mexico. We are sure that this year is going to be a great one for us in this country!  

What new challenges, opportunities, and demands on the part of operators believe that you will find in London and what could be a constant during 2019?

We are constantly challenging ourselves. London will be a great opportunity to observe European trends. Although we are very happy with our news, we are always inspired by these fairs, this is what allows the brand to grow and improve each time.      

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