FBM donates ₱20M to the fight against COVID-19

FBM donates to the fight against COVID-19. After taking all the security measures necessary to ensure the safety of its workers, clients and stakeholders, the brand decided to take direct action in this cause against the pandemic. This donation of 20 million Philippine pesos to the Philippine General Hospital, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Lung Center of the Philippines and Research Institute for Tropical Medicine was coordinated by the PAGCOR - Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation and will allow these hospitals to buy medical equipment useful to help the Philippines fight the virus.

More than reacting to the effects of the virus, FBM management is working to anticipate challenges and provide quick answers to the circumstances dictated by the context. The brand is concerned with the evolution of COVID-19. That´s why, when facing the first signs, the brand activated hygiene and health measures to the highest level following the World Health Organization recommendations. The home office was also applied to all the professionals that can perform their role remotely.

FBM is part of the gaming industry since 2001. The brand is aware of its role and impact as a global gaming brand. FBM has responsibility for the well-being and safety of hundreds of families. As a result, the management decides to take further actions. That´s why FBM donates to the fight against COVID. This is the brand´s active role in the community, helping hospitals with a solid investment in equipment.

Why did FBM make the donation?

PAGCOR received a letter from FBM expressing the brand's concerns about this pandemic. After that, PAGCOR coordinated the distribution of the funds to the four hospitals referred.

“Caring is one of our main values as a brand. We take it very seriously when it comes to our people, our clients and our games. FBM could not step aside from this cause. The Philippines means so much to FBM as a nation that we could not ignore its people when they need us the most”, mentions Rui Francisco, founder of FBM.

Rui Francisco also explains why FBM donates to the fight against Covid, and specifically to the hospitals. “We chose the hospitals to make our impact in the community because we know that their professionals are some of the heroes in this daily battle against the virus and they must be properly equipped to take care of us”. The FBM founder continues with a message to the brand´s team. "I also had the opportunity to send a direct message to all of our workers, but I want to make a public note to recognize and thank them for the commitment and collaboration revealed in this challenging moment”.

FBM has a legacy of 19 years in the gaming industry. After conquering the leadership of the video bingo market, FBM focused its expansion campaign on Europe and Central America. The brand has now a rich portfolio of landbased and online titles. These group of games includes: video bingos, spin reel games, table games and video poker.

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