FBM celebrates an excellent ICE

FBM participated at ICE Totally Gaming 2018 for the first time.


UK.- After attending the largest gaming show – ICE Totally Gaming – for the first time, FBM has reported great success from the London event. During the international gaming event, FBM showed off its online gaming department and its Spin Reel department – both new areas in FBM, with strong investments in terms of technology development. These join the already-successful bingo games department.

“The show fulfilled exactly with our expectations. It allowed us to get in contact with several visitors and new clients from all around the world. At the same time, the show facilitated the possibility to host our clients and friends who came to see us from divers

e countries, like Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines, moving forward with our plans for Online and Spin Reel,” commented Renato Almeida, vice-president of FBM.

Continued success – along with outstanding client services and follow-up – has made FBM the absolute leader in the Asian market and one of the most influential gaming brands in Mexico. After exponential growth in Spain in recent years, FBM also continues to advance in Europe and conquer new markets.

“We are pleased to officially announce the launch of FBM in Ireland. We always take care of the individualities of each market and we work to adapt platforms and games in line with the regulatory requirements. We are excited to be in the Irish market from now o

Three great gaming titles were selected to increase the player experience of the bingo halls in Dublin: Rock Star Bingo, Catch the Gold and Bingo-Go – all of them in the modern Galaxy cabinet. FBM has a trustful background, with more than 30,000 machines operating around the world, a team of professionals highly endorsed by customers, and games desired by players.

“In Ireland, we’ve experienced a strong market response with high occupation in machines and positive feedback. Once again, FBM shows its strength and remains market-leader throughout Asia, America, and Europe.

“New challenges arise constantly, and this is only the beginning of our expansion in Europe and the news that will come in 2018,” concluded Almeida.

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