FBM arrives at Bingo Jaca, in Spain

The expansion of FBM in Spain continues with the installation of its products in the great BINGO JACA. During August, BINGO JACA welcomed the famous bingo terminal Galaxy from FBM,  increasing the brand presence in Spanish territory. The games selected for this inauguration were, two of the most acclaimed by customers; "Rock Star Bingo" and "Bingo-Go", and a new title; “Cash O’clock”, which is launched for the first time in Spain. All of them in their most current version - Progressive Series, which features MEGA and MULTIPOTS functionalities, as well as the Pig Boom! mysteries awards and Mister Champion. Bingo Jaca always bets to offer its customers the most innovative products and, without a doubt, they knew that trusting FBM for this is a safe bet. The reception by the players and the results of the first days are exceeding all expectations. And is that FBM has all the features to make it happen. It is a brand of guarantees, which has machines installed around the world. It also has a presence on 3 continents. And it is, without a doubt, the video bingo brand with the most significant presence in the Asian market.

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