FBM announces business expansion in Mexico

FBM, the video bingo leader brand, announces its business expansion with new clients in Mexico.  The brand announces its presence in several new halls and expects to install machines in other halls this month of July.  FBM continues its global expansion by installing video bingo machines in seven new casinos and bingo halls in Mexico. The brand, which has recently installed its successful slots machines Shadow, extends once more its presence in the country with remastered games and features specifically developed to complete the video bingo offer for the Mexican market.  Renato Almeida, FBM executives, states: “We deeply appreciate the trust the customers place in FBM. It is truly encouraging to see players’ excitement towards our machines and games. Their feedback, as well as the clients’ ones, are very important to us. This is what gives us the opportunity to always do better.” Indeed, FBM plans to have more machines installed in Mexico before the end of the year. “We are currently installing video bingo machines in other casinos and they will be soon ready to play” FBM is now present in JP Cozumel, Winpot Bocal del Río Veracruz, Golden Kingdom Casino, Casino Circus, Red Casino, Grand León, and Casino Gran Palacio.  

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