FBM Digital Systems launches Banca Francesa online in Portugal

With a significant tradition in Portuguese land-based casinos, the game aims to predict the outcome of three dices rolled by the dealer, with five bet possibilities. Online casinos can also change part of the product aesthetic according to their preferences as well as the level of the minimum and maximum bets.

FBM Digital Systems has announced the launch of Banca Francesa in the Portuguese online casino market.

The table game aims to predict the outcome of three dices rolled by the dealer and has a significant tradition in the land-based casinos market of Portugal. FBMDS has taken the table game to the online universe, making Banca Francesa available to play 24/7 through the desktop or mobile devices.

Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBMDS, commented: “Portugal is a strategic market for FBMDS’ growth plans and Banca Francesa is a product that results from an intense market investigation. We have big expectations about this customized product that we built because we know the impact of this table game in the Portuguese land-based universe. Consequently, we believe that our Banca Francesa will serve perfectly the online casinos' needs by attending and surpassing the players' desire of enjoying this specific game type online”.

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