This image shows FBM online games in a mobile phone and tablet combined with the Playbonds logo. This means the commercial relationship between FBM and Playbonds.

FBM online games are now available at

The expansion journey continues and FBM online games are now…
FBM at ICE London means two novelties: Easy$Link and Mythic Link. The image shows FBM booth in the event with a sales promotor and the Mythic Link games.

FBM at ICE London: Easy$Link and Mythic Link were the big bets

FBM at ICE London in 2020 meant two big novelties: Easy$Link…
FBM installs Easy$Link in Mexican Casinos. This image includes two cabinets with the game installed.

FBM installs Easy$Link in Mexican casinos

The global footprint of FBM is growing with promising news from…