FBM at ICE London means two novelties: Easy$Link and Mythic Link. The image shows FBM booth in the event with a sales promotor and the Mythic Link games.

FBM at ICE London: Easy$Link and Mythic Link were the big bets

FBM at ICE London in 2020 meant two big novelties: Easy$Link…
FBM expansion process as concrete plans and next steps to follow. This image shows six cabinets with FBM casino games to represent the growth plans of the brand.

Plans for 2020? Take new steps in the FBM expansion

The next steps of the FBM expansion process were highlighted…
FBM on ICE London with novelties

FBM showcases landbased and online novelties on ICE London

FBM starts 2020 bringing new games, gameplays and approaches…