Multi-Game FBM is now available to try in 18 mexican casinos. This image contains the product logo.

Multi-Game FBM is conquering Mexico

The Multi-Game FBM expansion campaign started in Mexico. The newest product developed by FBM is now available at 18 casinos across the North American country. This is the beginning of a national expansion operation that will certainly cover more locations and regions during the next months.

Multi-Game FBM is expanding and now available in 18 casinos in Mexico.

The Multi-Game FBM brought a new gaming experience to slots fans. The new spin reel product developed by FBM combines Catch the Gold™, RacinGo – Wild™, Underwater Riches™ and Kingdom Gems™ slots in the same cabinet. As a result, players can enjoy the exclusive features of these games without moving to other gaming platform or losing the linked progressive jackpot. The expansion campaign of this product started in December and it continues in 2021. At this moment, FBM Multi-Game is available to play in 18 different landbased casinos.


FBM is a global gaming brand that has conquered the landbased casino market since 2001. It has operations established in different Asian, North American and European nations and attained the leadership of the video bingo market. The brand is also focused on reinventing the spin reels segment and, FBM Multi-Game is proof of this commitment.