Interview of Renato Almeida – ICE 2019

Renato Almeida, FBM executive, spoke about the goals set for ICE London 2019. He also defines what is next for the brand. 

What has the company prepared for the show?

We have lots of novelties for this year. First, we will present for the first time in Europe our new Shadow machine. This spin reel machine has been unveiled last year during G2E Las Vegas, and we are eager for people to try it in Europe! A new Bingo Machine will also be presented in London, together with new games, as well as our online gaming section.

What are FBM’s plans for this year?

This year will be full of new features for FBM, starting with new machines, new games and also new bonus We work hard to extend our range of products to better meet the expectations of our markets and to open new ones.


Would ICE London boost those goals? Why is it relevant for the company to participate in these events and meet with clients and competitors?

ICE London being one of the biggest gaming trade shows in Europe, it indeed boosts FBM goals. To participate in these events is crucial for us. FBM is bigger than ever, and we believe it is a great opportunity to meet in person our clients and prospects.  


How does FBM evaluate its performance during 2018? What are the main challenges for both the company and the international casino industry?

2018 was a great year for FBM. We opened new markets and had many opportunities for us to grow. The company will now focus on its new features to be launched and especially on the Spin Reel section. Online Gaming is getting bigger and, as we can observe, many people are demanding. We would like to offer the best online gaming experience and we are working on it.


As FBM shows an important growth in Mexico, is the company planning to expand across the Latin American region?

Mexico is one of our biggest market,(Biggest market??) and it is our biggest in Latin America. We plan to extend this market as it is going well for us there.  


The company works for both online and land-based gaming sectors, which one has shown greater results last year? Is the company focusing on developing one, in particular, this year?

We had great results in both. They complement one another and we plan to continue developing all the gaming areas in FBM.

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