Interview for Games Magazine about ICE London 2019

Renato Almeida, FBM executive, spoke to Games Magazine about the goals for the brand in London. 

Games Magazine : What are the products that you will be presenting at ICE London 2019?

Renato Almeida: We will be showcasing 2 new machines: Shadow, that has been presented first in Las Vegas, and the new Galaxy, a completely redesigned bingo machine, with really modern specs and design.


GM : What are the main characteristics of your products and what is your “flagship” product? Which are more attractive to European players?

RA : Our products are easy to play. We have a wide range of games for each market, and both Bingo and Spin Reel are very attractive. They are different gameplay that make each of them attractive.


GM :  The projection indicates that online gaming is one of the business units with the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this phenomenon occur?

RA : Online Gaming is very attractive because people can play whenever they want, wherever they want. Almost everybody now has a smartphone with an internet connexion from which they can play.


GM : What are the fundamental objectives for 2019?

RA : For 2019, we will increase our presence in casinos and online gaming. In the past years, we have been focusing our efforts on bringing technology and great experiences to the players.


Renato Almeida, FBM executive

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