FBM in G2E means an unique opportunity to showcase novelties in the most iconic city for the gambling industry. In the photo we have Renato Almeida, FBM spokesperson , in front of the machines showcased in G2E.

FBM in G2E with a exclusive interview for Focus Gaming News

The 2019 tour continues. FBM in G2E – Global Gaming Expo means a unique opportunity to showcase novelties in the most iconic gambling city in the world. The event took place at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas and Renato Almeida, executive and spokesperson at FBM, talked with Focus Gaming News about the company’s plans for the show, as well as the brand’s new identity.

A few months ago, FBM presented its new brand identity while preparing new offerings. Are we going to experience new FBM technology during G2E Las Vegas? How is the brand preparing its performance under this new identity?

G2E Las Vegas is a very important show for FBM. Here we are setting the trend for the year to come. This event is also an excellent way to understand where the market is going. FBM in G2E Las Vegas will surely bring novelties but also great surprises. It is also going to be the first worldwide appearance of the brand with its new identity, and FBM is getting ready serenely.

What was the public’s reaction to FBM’s new identity? Has it helped the relationship with current clients? What impact will it have with potential new clients during G2E Las Vegas?

We have received fantastic feedback from the public. We believe this new image complements FBM’s development and it makes more sense to people so they can identify better to the brand. In Las Vegas, we expect the brand to impact positively the attendees and potential new clients will understand that not only it is a brand with a powerful background.

FBM highlights the importance of the future in gaming development and is boosting its image as an innovative gaming brand. How will G2E Las Vegas help you with this goal?

G2E Las Vegas is one of the greatest shows with the best innovations and technology. FBM in G2E is a great chance to showcase novelties in terms of products and features. It is a good driving force to outdo itself in order to present powerful products. Guests can expect new game titles, features, and other surprises.

Furthermore, organisers revealed that the event marks the buying decisions for the next 12 months, what does FBM have in mind for the next year? What are the benefits of sharing the expo floor with other gaming companies?

FBM continues to develop its Spin Reel line with new games and features. Several new machines are being installed in Mexico, and are being received with great enthusiasm by customers. FBM also plans to reveal a new bingo machine soon that will empower its bingo line of products. Besides, FBM has continued to develop its Online Gaming brand, FBM Digital Systems that is to be launched during G2E Las Vegas. Sharing the expo floor with all these other gaming companies is a true opportunity to exchange with others, especially in Las Vegas where we get to know the trends and the newnesses.

FBM introduced several offerings. What was FBM’s performance in 2019 so far?

The FBM presence in G2E is one more step in an excellent year so far. We are doing great in Mexico with a big expansion. The four-games of Easy$Link, plus the other 6 titles launched at the end of the year, were really well received by the Mexican casinos and players. The games come with nice and attractive gameplay and features and we wish the same success for the coming titles. Besides Mexico, Ireland, Spain and the Philippines will soon welcome FBM’s spin reel and we are excited about this novelty.

Source : Focus Gaming News