(Exclusive interview).- After G2E Asia, Vice President of FBM Renato Almeida shares next plans for the global gaming market

FBM is announcing further developments for the casino and gaming industry worldwide after completing a successful edition of Global Gaming Expo Asia 2017, which was held at the Venetian Macau from May 16-18. Renato Almeida, Vice President of FBM, shared with Focus Gaming News a general review on the event and revealed next plans to increase its presence internationally.

Which are the next plans for FBM in the region?

As part of FBM international expansion, FBM is about to introduce its new slot machine games and also looks forward to novelties in the Asian Market.

What was the feedback to gaming machine Phantom Xtreme?

Phantom Xtreme has revolutionary new approach in design. Also spotlights spectaculars features as the brand-new curved round-top model, interactive led lighting, ergonomic setups, USB port and dual-play bottom that will make players’ excitement levels be elevated to new heights. So, the feedback from the audience could not be better.

What are the main characteristics that distinguish G2E Asia from other similar events?

FBM was very pleased to be attending G2E Asia again this year. At this show we had the opportunity to meet a lot of existing clients and also new clients in Macau, Philippines and Cambodia, where FBM is present.

What is FBM’s biggest goal in the Asian market?

For years, we have been increasing our products offering with new machines and new games. We have to look forward and keep innovation to always introduce novelties to the markets, preserving the local culture. The Japanese Market will be also a good chalenge for FBM when the law and regulations get done.

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